Fake Driving School - Michelle Thorne

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- Squirting Orgasmic MILF Creampie
Added: June 10, 2017

Every day is a trip in the LearnFDS car, but today took the cake--or should I say, the creampie? Gorgeous glamour model , a deliciously busty MILF with incredible tits, was looking for Advanced Driving lessons to improve her insurance premium, but had developed some awful driving habits over the years! She crossed her hands over the wheel, looked at her phone, over-revved the engine, and, maybe worst of all, repeatedly insulted the LearnFDS car, calling it "weird" and other such nonsense. When I told Michelle she'd be better off starting with basic lessons, she wanted to find another way to work it out, and put her hand on my pants, only to find my cock hard! I tried to apologize! It was just a natural reaction to her figure, after all, but Miss Michelle had other plans. Before I knew it, I had those massive tatas in my mouth, in my hands, around my cock. She rode me like a banshee, and squirted like a water fountain! I'll just tell my bosses I spilled some flavoured water or something...and hopefully she remembers the little I taught her before she faces one of our examiners!





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