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Blacks On Blondes - Paige Turnah

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- Blacks On Blondes
Added: January 23, 2012

is in the middle of spreading her English wisdom to Wesley Pipes and Rico Strong. the only thing they know for sure is that Paige has an amazing ass and they want a piece of it. Paige gets an informal welcome to the "Hood". Paige teases them by shoving her ass in their faces, and gets felt up for her efforts. drops to her knees where she's met with 2 huge black cocks. The intensity of the double blowjob is something that mere words can't describe. Please know that Paige nearly sucked the black skin off of those big, black cocks. At nearly six feet tall, Paige has to manage to squat down low in order to suck off those two black thugs. The Paige pussy gets turned out by each guy as he thrusts his pelvis into hers. Paige gets bent over and her screams are temporarily muffled as her vocal chords rub up against a black cock. The saliva glands begin to run dry as mouth gets no break from sucking a big black cock as her pussy continues to get utterly penetrated. Paige's pussy gets loosened up enough for another black cock to find asylum in. Like a piston, both black cocks stretch Paige's pussy out to where it nearly snaps like a rubber band. The great set of tits on Paige jiggle like jelly as her ass backs up on two black cocks. The temptation of sticking it in her ass is there, but, like London Bridge, she'd go crumbling down. That white pussy is good enough and houses both black cocks nicely. The only thing left for this English import to do is use her face as a target for two cannon blasts of black spunk. London was calling and our 2 black swordsmen came answering. (more...)


GloryHole - Paige Turnah

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- GloryHole
Added: January 19, 2012

"Tall" and "sexy" are a few words that describe . Pictures and video speak for themselves as to how hot this English import is. Paige has heard of the glory hole but England seems to be completely void of them. The adult arcade that Paige has stumbled upon is where she's going to get a taste of American hospitality. Actually, it's going to be African-American hospitality. Paige settles in for an afternoon fo viewing interracial porn when an anonymous black cock tests the waters. Paige rests her beautiful ass near the floor and proceeds to suck the life out of the anonymous black cock. The black cock pokes her mouth until her eyes get as watery as the Thames River. Paige won't rest until her baby storage locker is stuffed full of black dick. Paige bends over and rides that anonymous black cock until her rental booth time runs out. A few seconds to spare means that Paige gets to milk that black cock until her face and tits are covered with black oatmeal. (more...)


Big Tits At Work - Paige Turnah

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- Orifice Space
Added: December 22nd, 2011

It's 's last day on the job and she wants to leave in style. So she and her lover boy, Johnny Sins, decide to fuck on the boss' desk, drenching his work space with the rich, fragrant smell of her gushing geyser of a pussy! That is, if Milton doesn't make good on his threat to burn this f... (more...)


Pornstars Like It Big - Paige Turnah

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- The Unseen Affair
Added: December 7, 2013

When busty blonde married crusty old Mr. Warburton, she had only one thing on her mind: his money. In fact, the first thing she did was hire the most well hung butler she could find, Mr. Nailer, to make sure she would always have a fresh supply of big dick on the side. And since their dining room is so damn huge, the butler can even get away with fucking her in her tight asshole while her old man just sits there eating dinner! But what if Paige's moans of pleasure as she works that dick with her mouth, big tits, ass, and pussy are so loud that even old Mr. Warburton can hear them? (more...)


Dirty Masseur - Paige Turnah

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- Massage My Arse
Added: June 14, 2013

's husband would rather play with puzzles than touch her curvalicious body. She asks for a massage, but this nerd wouldn't know where to start. Paige starts daydreaming what it would be like if her husband was a big stud who wanted to fuck her juicy asshole. She dozes off, fantasizing about strong hands rubbing oil into the creamy skin of her back and ass cheeks, spreading her open to get deep inside. (more...)


Hands On Hardcore - Paige Turnah

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- Paige is gonna Turnah you on!
Added: September 30, 2011

She thought she was all alone in the dry sauna, lookin all hot and fiddling with her twat when big Mike suddenly comes in and catches her. Paige is flushed with excitement straight away and goes right for his rock hard torpedo! Her succulent pink lips wrap the mean meat and her pretty brown eyes swell with contentment as this is what she was dreaming of when she was double tapping her clit earlier. Mike gets a few licks in on her honey drizzled ass and shaven clean poontang and then goes in for a few plunges with his drill. The camera dives in and gets some load loosening shots of her creamy clean twat while its stuffed with cock and a tattoo on Ms.... (more...)


Big Butts Like It Big - Paige Turnah

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- Gimme Me Two Fucking Dicks, Now!
Added: August 3, 2013

At Brazzers we know the best way into a gal's heart is to spoil her all the dick she can fit in her ass. And so we treated that saucy tart to two of the fattest English sausages we could find. This porn star's plump arse was made to be feasted on, and she handled getting DP-ed like the pro she is. (more...)


Big Wet Butts - Paige Turnah

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- Her Ass Is A Real !
Added: May 25th, 2012

You asked for it and your friends over at Brazzers have heard you loud and clear! pops her anal cherry in this hot and hardcore scene! 'Nuff said! (more...)


Cream My Cunt - Paige Turnah

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- Seed Me Real Deep
Added: December 04, 2011



Office Antics - Paige Turnah

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- Kinky Office Antics
Added: October 08, 2011



Booty Packers - Paige Turnah

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- Super Hot Booty
Added: August 28, 2011



Nylon Cum Sluts - Paige Turnah

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- Sheer Nylon Fucking
Added: July 25, 2011



Fetish Sex Clinic - Paige Turnah

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- Fetish Sex Addiction
Added: June 29, 2011



Hard-Fi Sex - Paige Turnah

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- Black Cock Cum Slut
Added: January 30, 2011



Pornostatic - Paige Turnah

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- The Looking Glass
Added: Sunday, August 04, 2013