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Dog House Digital - Claudia Macc

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- She likes the cock
Added: July 30, 2017

is the new nurse at the hospital, word has it that she just loves the cock. The team of Doctors test her when they tell her to check Tom's pulse, in his cock. She is excited and shocked at how big it is! But of course one is never enough she wants the whole team of doctors in her ass mouth and pussy. Leaving her with cum all over her thirsty mouth! They naughty nurse always gets what she wants!



Dog House Digital - Claudia Macc

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- Play With It
Added: July 15, 2017

While playing strip poker is a little shy when it's her turn to remove her shirt. Charlie Dean tells her if she takes off her shirt, he'll take off his pants to make her feel more comfortable. She is shocked when she sees how big is cock is! It's time to put the card game aside and it's time to play with his cock instead!



Doghouse Digital - Claudia Macc, Kelly Anderson

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, - Prove Them Wrong.
Added: June 18, 2017

and Erik Everhard are interviewing their daughter's friend for a job. She has no experience what so ever! They are frustrated with her! Erik makes a comment how she probably can't even suck a dick. She is about to prove him wrong! Telling him to whip out his big cock! is shocked but wants in on the fun! They get down and dirty in the wildest older younger threesome! Proving that is a cock sucking professional!



Simply Anal - Becky Berry And Claudia Macc

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And - Anal Balloon
Added: May 4, 2017

Get your fix of lesbian anal porn here on Simply Anal as and show us how much they love to play together. These anal babes undress each other and both look seriously hot in their fishnet stockings. Claudia lays Becky on the bed and after taking off her panties, this gorgeous babe starts to rim her ass..



Step Mom Lessons - Blanche Bradburry, Claudia Macc

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, - Hey! That s Mine
Added: April 15, 2017

When offers to help stepdaughter and her beau Charlie Dean with their math homework, she's secretly hoping to give a hand with another hard problem. The blonde MILF had overheard Claudia worrying over Charlie's cock. It's just too big and thick! She can't even wrap her pretty lips around it without gagging. Well, Blanche is a real expert in this field! The sexy stepmom easily shows Claudia how to give Charlie an A blowjob. But the MFF threesome doesn't stop at oral play. Blanche and Claudia take turns riding Charlie's joystick, before the college girl sucks off her grateful boyfriend, swallowing his cum with a sunny smile!Show less



Sex Art - Claudia Macc

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- Dessert
Added: February 8, 2017

Having finished their romantic meal, and Thomas J decide sex is on the menu for “Dessert.” They relocate to the sofa and, following a flurry of kisses and caresses, gorgeous blue-eyed blonde Claudia takes off her top to expose her beautiful breasts. She strokes her man’s rapidly hardening cock through his jeans, before unleashing it, flicking her tongue around the head and bobbing up and down on its hugeness – her lips barely able to accommodate its girth. Claudia looks into Thomas’s eyes mischievously, gets naked, straddles him cowgirl and feeds his rigid cock into her tight pussy. Thomas grips Claudia’s ass cheeks and aids her as she rocks up and down his shaft. Her face flushes with concentration as she accelerates her humping, then kicks back into a slow grind and pulls away so she can bask in the look of ecstasy on her lover’s face. She spins around into reverse cowgirl, body undulating as she diddles her clit. She rides faster, her back arches and she climaxes, panting hard as her body quivers uncontrollably. Thomas continues bouncing her on his cock, one hand caressing her breasts as the other rubs her clit rapidly until she orgasms again. Claudia rolls onto all fours and Thomas grabs her hips and slams into her from behind. She pushes back hard to meet his every thrust, as she slips a hand between her legs to strum her own clit. Thomas gives one final thrust and shoots deep inside Claudia as she hits her third orgasm. As she dismounts and turns to kiss Thomas, their mingled juices drip from her pussy, evidence of the creamy “Dessert” they have shared; but is seems this voracious pair are still hungry…



Nubile Films - Claudia Macc

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- Sheer Pleasure

Added: December 03, 2015