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Female Fake Taxi - Michelle Thorne

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- Busty Blonde Wants Big Hard Cock
Added: June 15, 2017

I picked up today, and she thought I was going to hand over the keys of the taxi, but I'd found out the little tart lost her license, and had been lying to me about it! I was just on my way to pick up her replacement, so I told her if she wants, she could help me train him in! Peter started taking the piss out of her about her license, as soon as he got in the car, but once Michelle unleashed those massive tits, he shut right up! They traded oral favors in the back while I drove around, then I dropped them off so they could be alone. By the time I got back from my breakfast down the cafe, Michelle's pretty face was covered in cum, and Peter said he'd had quite a meal as well! The perfect to welcome our newest FakeTaxi driver: Peter Oh Tool!



Fake Driving School - Michelle Thorne

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- Squirting Orgasmic MILF Creampie
Added: June 10, 2017

Every day is a trip in the LearnFDS car, but today took the cake--or should I say, the creampie? Gorgeous glamour model , a deliciously busty MILF with incredible tits, was looking for Advanced Driving lessons to improve her insurance premium, but had developed some awful driving habits over the years! She crossed her hands over the wheel, looked at her phone, over-revved the engine, and, maybe worst of all, repeatedly insulted the LearnFDS car, calling it "weird" and other such nonsense. When I told Michelle she'd be better off starting with basic lessons, she wanted to find another way to work it out, and put her hand on my pants, only to find my cock hard! I tried to apologize! It was just a natural reaction to her figure, after all, but Miss Michelle had other plans. Before I knew it, I had those massive tatas in my mouth, in my hands, around my cock. She rode me like a banshee, and squirted like a water fountain! I'll just tell my bosses I spilled some flavoured water or something...and hopefully she remembers the little I taught her before she faces one of our examiners!



Fake Taxi - Michelle Thorne

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- Big Tits Blonde in Sexy High Heels
Added: June 8, 2017

Still on the lam from my former Kent driving life, I met up with today to tell her why I'd been hiding out. She couldn't believe the story, and was glad I was okay. Of course, she was looking super fit with those enormous tits of hers poking out of that little dress! And I do have a soft spot for sexy blonde MILFs. I didn't need to go out on the prowl at all, with Michelle's delicious pussy right in my backseat! And with all the rumours going around, the poor tart hadn't been able to get her naughties in a while either. Michelle played with her pussy while I drove us to my brand new shagging spot. She knows exactly where my sweet spots are, the horny bird! She gave me a fantastic gagging blowjob and when my cock was nice and wet, I got the best tittyfuck with those incredible knockers. I left her pussy dripping with my cum. Always a lovely sight, and always a lovely time with the spectacular !



Milfs Like it Big - Michelle Thorne

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- Sneaky Slut Bags The Scoundrel
Added: April 18, 2017

Michelle has finished her grocery shopping and one of the store’s employees kindly offers to help carry her bags to her car. Jordi is expecting some money in exchange for his kindness, only to his surprise this horny MILF wants him to give her the tip—of his dick that is! Will Michelle be able to seduce Jordi into coming home with her, or does this sneaky slut need to bag “The Scoundrel”?



Female Fake Taxi - Michelle Thorne

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- Reporter receives hot sex scoop
Added: March 2, 2017

Ben got in my car and recognized me as the "busty blonde" from the paper! He promised me he wasn't a reporter, so I confessed it was me. I had recently gotten in a lot of trouble for having sex with a passenger in a car park, which the sneaky bloke knew already, I'm sure. We talked for a bit before he thanked me, saying he had his story, and see you later! It turned out Ben was a reporter, and in exchange for his silence, wanted me to take him on one of my special rides. Dirty old Ben! Whatever. I'm always up to fuck. We made a deal and slipped off to one of my secret spots. I hiked my skirt up over my stockings and gave the arsehole a nice deepthroat blowjob, just like he wanted. I let him play with my tits. I rode him like a proper cowgirl. I even swallowed the cheeky cunt's cum! And in the end, you know what? He begged me to keep quiet about what had happened, like the little bitch I knew he was.



Killergram - Michelle Thorne

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- Tell Me More
Added: December 31, 2016

The sexy features in today's update with Ryan Ryder. She recalls all her past sexual encounters in great sordid detail to the request of Ryan, which leads to them both getting very turned on. Michelle is in desperate need of cock and Ryan obliges by filling her wet hot holes.



Big Tits In Sports - Tamara Grace, Lucia Love, Michelle Thorne, Mila Milan

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, , , Mila Milan - ZZ Cup: Team Tits
Added: July 09, 2016

Team Tits isn't going down without a fight! Lucia, Michelle, Mila and Tamara have the racks to change the game of football forever. Read more...


Moms in control - Michelle Thorne

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- Mom's Sex Robot
Added: June 08, 2016

is concerned about her stepson, Danny D, who is clearly suffering from his lack of lady love. Michelle decides to build a sex robot for Danny and creates Misha Cross, a beautiful babe willing to please Mr. D and cure him of his sexual frustration! While only a prototype, Ms. Thorne steps in and shows slutty Misha some hands on learning—like how to fuck for real! Read more...


Big Tits At School - Michelle Thorne

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- Spanglish Lessons
Added: May 17, 2016

is one horny and bored teacher who just wants to get fucked. Unluckily for her, student Jordi is too focused on passing his English lessons to notice how this busty professor is hungry for his cock! Ms. Thorne tries her best to take Jordi’s focus off the test paper and onto her tits, but she’ll soon get a lesson of her own as she rides this Spanish stallion until she can’t stop cumming--and moaning--for more! Read more...


Milfs Like It Big - Michelle Thorne

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- Fucking The Invisible Man
Added: May 02, 2016

Danny is on his way over to Michelle's house to fuck her brains out, but discovers her husband is working from home that day. Before leaving he intercepts a mail courier on Michelle's front step and signs for a parcel full of mysterious liquid. After downing the liquid he soon discovers he's invisible! Looks like he won't have any trouble fucking Michelle right in front of her husband. Read more...


British Heat

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Cast: , , , , , and Katie Kaliana with Stephan Hard, , Jamie Barry, Wayne Scott Fox, , O'Neil and Andy Mann. Directed by Max Cool

What's the best thing about cold weather? Why, erect nipples, of course. And you get a lot more than hard nippy nips with these cold British babes! Watch these chilly 'birds' as they fuck supreme! Who knew England could get this hot? Read more...


Ben Dovers Pole Cats

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Cast: , , , , , , Pippa Dee, ,

$$$ The money shot $$$ At Ben Dover`s club, there`s no `no touching` rule. These polecat$ will do any trick you want, but first - you gotta show them the money. Read more...


Lesbian Carwash

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Cast: , , , , , , Gemma Massey, Chelsea Sax, Tommie Jo, Nicole Lauren, , Krystal Webb, Loulou, Heavenly Daisy, Laura Gibbs, Sami J, Katie K, Brooke Lee, Charlie Monaco, Anastasia Stevens, Sam T



Gemma Masseys Lady Days

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Cast: Alyson McKenzie, Anna Lovato, , Chelsea Sax, , Gemma Massey, , Jenny Laird, Jess, Leanne Kigley, Leila Bee, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, , , Natasha Marley, Sami J, Sofia, , Tammie Lee

Fuckin` hell... I`m a Lady? says Gemma as she reads of her inheritance. Join Gemma Massey as she turns from Ladette to Lady in a series of sexy costumed adventures. But beware! That tiara comes with a price tag... Read more...


Anal Rehab - Michelle Thorne

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- Ass Fucked and Creamed
Added: April 30, 2011