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My Dads Hot Girlfriend - Natasha Nice

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Added: March 21, 2017

has needs! And her man isn’t fulfilling them by any means. He’s had to work late every night this week, and now that she wants to show him her new lingerie, he has to stay late at the office AGAIN! Well, it doesn’t stop Natasha from stepping into her new wear and feeling sexy; hell, she feels so good she even pulls out her sex toy to pleasure herself on the bed. But things go awry when her boyfriend’s son Lucas busts in on her, thinking she’s cheating on his dad! Once the awkward dust settles and everyone apologizes, Natasha tells Lucas that what she started still needs finishing. Lucas has no problem sucking on Natasha’s big natural tits and fucking her like his dad should be!



Dirty Wives Club - Natasha Nice

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Added: February 1, 2017

With her husband traveling in Europe, Natasha holds down the fort just the way she likes it: two dicks, one chick! Her favorite part about having a threesome with two other men is that her husband knows it’s happening and even gets off on it. His friend Johnny arrives at Natasha’s home with his big-dick friend Chad to help take care of his buddy’s horny wife. Natasha goes a step further with her hotwifing threesome while sucking one dick by taking the other straight up her ass!



Big Naturals - Natasha Nice

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- Nice Workout
Added: January 18, 2017

My kid was fucking bugging me because he lost his ball and he was driving me nuts to find it! So after a week of searching for it, I thought I'd check out the neighbors house and see if I could find it there. I head over and run upon the most glorious situation in history. Nattashia Nice flexing and stretching in the sexiest outfit in history. She's bent over touching her toes and oblivious of my presence, seeing her ! suddenly get a raging boner. Like the nut I am, I pull it out, no longer resisting my urges and I start wanking it right then and there! It got so intense I literally fell over with my dick in my hand. Nattashia jumps back in surprise and assess the situation. She noticed my huge cock and decided to she'd have some fun with me instead of calling the cops...



Glory Hole - Natasha Nice

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Added: January 16, 2017

Cheaters. They're everywhere. Take , for example. She's on the phone with her man, telling him she's "out with the girls, having mimosas". What a liar! We know this cause we're watching her walk into an adult bookshop while she's telling her man that! Natasha loves to cheat. She loves the thrill of new dick, and if it's in a "nasty place", cheating thrills her even more! The last time she cheated, it was with a black man in a crack motel! That really made her cunt wet!! Today, it gets even better. She's going to suck and fuck a man she doesn't know...she doesn't even know what he looks like! All she knows is there's an enormous black dick coming through a hole drilled into the wall of the tiny room she rented for 1/2 an hour! It's such a naughty thing, she'll even stick it up her ass! Then taste the dick right out of her booty!! What a filthy, cheatin' slut...gotta love her!



Blacked - Black and White 8 {Split Scenes}

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X-Art - Angelica

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Angelica - Angelica~Hotter Than Ever
Added: November 28, 2016



My Girlfriend's Busty Friend - Natasha Nice

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My Girlfriend's Busty Friend -
Added: November 23, 2016

Chad and his girl are on hiatus because his girl thinks he's cheating on her. The truth is that Chad has never cheated on her, but he figures if he's going to get blamed for it he might as well do it, so he hooks up with one of his girl's busy friends, . Read more...


Blacks On Blondes - Nina Elle

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Nina Elle - Nina Elle Interracial at Blacks On Blondes
Added: November 15, 2016

Nina Elle has a confession to make, and she's going to make it directly to you. It's never easy to confess your tresspasses and sins, but Nina's going to...right now. She's a cheater, and she's been a chronic cheater since the day she married. Look at that way she can see it's not easy for her. And literally seconds after she finishes, her well-hung black lover enters the room. In their house. The house Hubby pays for...the house they raised their children. Hubby's at work and the kids at school and he lover is packing 13 thick inches of dark man meat. His balls are full, too. Nina drops to her knees and opens wide before he peels her sexy lingerie off...and then Nina spreads her cheating legs wide as her cunt is stretched to places she's never felt before. Her pussy will erupt, spraying the furniture and the floor. She'll have multiple orgams. It's "wrong" and "taboo" and it could get Nina in a lot of trouble...which is exactly why Nina Elle does it. Read more...


Big Tits At School - Natasha Nice

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- Sneaking Into The Teacher's Lounge
Added: October 17, 2016

Student Sean sneaks into the teacher’s lounge on a dare and discovers that the faculty is using the room as a secret orgy den. Just as Sean is about to escape, he is caught by Professor Nice, who promptly enlists her student in pussy pleasing duties. Read more...


Blacked - Natasha Nice, Kylie Page


, Kylie Page - Two curvy girls compete
Added: October 07, 2016

Kylie and Natasha are both going up for a part in an up and coming music video. They are the last two girls left after a series of auditions and they are just what the producer is looking for. Unfortunately, there is only one part left and he decides to interview both the girls to decide which is the right one for the job. After he takes a long time interviewing Kylie, Natasha decides she will check on them. Unsurprisingly, when Natasha walks into the room, Kylie is doing more than is required to get the job. Both girls are eager and willing to do whatever is required to get the part, even if that means teaming up together. Read more...


BigNaturals - Natasha Nice

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- Curvy Doll
Added: October 05, 2016

The preciousness of big boobies still captivates me till this day. The allure and the hypnotizing manner certain breasts give off is one of the many pleasures in life. So without further we bring you Nattasha. We picked her up today and chill and she decided to put some makeup on and get sexy for us, so we decided to film it. Her huge breasts will be sure to cause the same effect in you. Bruno made sure to worship those breasts right. Read more...


Naughty Office - Natasha Nice

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Naughty Office -
Added: September 07, 2016

Preston has been watching porn at the office and is called in by his boss, Natasha, to have a talking to. She is turned on because he has a nice bulge in his pants and wants it. Read more...


Big Racks # 4

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Big Racks # 4

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Fuck My Tits # 3

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Holy fucking juggs. Never before have we seen such a sublime selection of mouth-watering monster titties as the ones on these bodies. They're bigger than your head, they're floppier than a ballon, and if they're not glazed with jizzum yet, they sure as fuck will be soon! Read more...