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Wank It Now – Tindra Frost


Tindra Frost – Sneaky Hot Tub Fun
Released: August 20, 2019

You caught Tindra masturbating in the Hot Tub at the Hotel, but you don’t mind at all. In fact, you came to the hot tub to have a wank yourself…and now you can both masturbate together. Get your COCK out and jerk it as Tindra uses her vibrator on her soaking wet pussy!

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Little Caprice Dreams – Eroticx Mons


Eroticx Mons BTS
Released: August 12, 2019

Just on our website you can find many privat and behind the scene clips around the world. This time I was the face of the event (erotica festival in belgium). When we arrived at the AirPort the boss pick us up and bring us to the hotel, afterwards we went to dinner, we ate the best fish variation ever in our life. Next day starts the erotica expo and we had a lot of fun, I did some shows, give a lot of autographs and hanging around there. Enjoy this PORNLIFESTYLE video.. hope you like it XOX Caprice

PS: Feel free to let a moment and please share the video on twitter. You can find the new blue button (Twitter) on the left side under the video

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True Anal – Kyler Quinn


Kyler Quinn – Kyler’s First Anal
Released: August 21, 2019

All that ass play Kyler experienced on Swallowed and Nympho really got her thinking of how fun it would be to have a big dick in her backside. The thought of getting her asshole stretched wide open got her pussy too wet to contain, and the time has finally come! Kyler looks amazing as she fucks, gapes, and takes a rectal cream pie before blowing a kiss goodbye.

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Purgatory X – Addison Lee And Sofi Ryan


Addison Lee And Sofi Ryan – A Blonde Gone Wild V2 E2
Released: August 16, 2019

Addison (Addison Lee) is still horny as hell so she visits the pub again where she meets Codey’s girlfriend, Sofi (Sofi Ryan). The two horny honeys flirt with each other over drinks. Their attraction quickly grows, so they leave the pub to enjoy some “private” time. The two beauties can’t keep their hands off each other and immediately begin to kiss and play with each other’s tits. They shed their clothes and are soon fingering and munching pussy. Addison and Sofi cum hard as they scissor and grind their wet pussies to climax.

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Taboo POV – Nia Nacci


Nia Nacci – Slutty step-daughter needs Daddy to teach her how to kiss
Released: August 20, 2019

Hi Daddy. Why are you looking at me weird? I’m going on a date and I’m really nervous. What do you think? Do I look good? I haven’t really worn a dress like this sense I got these big beautiful titties. I am not even sure this dress fits right. What do you think? I really need you to be supportive because I think he is going to kiss me. The only problem is that I have never been kissed before and I’m scared I’ll be bad at it. So… I was wondering, will you kiss me? I mean it’s not like you are my real dad or anything. I’m your step-daughter, and you are just helping me out. Nothing weird at all, okay? I lean forward and gently press my big soft lips against yours. Oh, wow… I could never do that with my real Dad. I’m so happy that you and I are friends. I could probably do all kinds of things with you that I couldn’t do with my real dad. And, I was thinking, you have only been married to my mom for a few months so… nothing counts.

I lean forward and start stroking the outside of your pants, right over the zipper. Your cock is already nice and hard for me. Can I see it? I begin taking my dress off as you stand to undo your pants for me. Slowly letting my little straps fall off my shoulders, I reveal my big gorgeous breasts. I run my hands down to the bottom of my dress and lift it over my perfect round ass. Grabbing your waist band, I stare straight into your eyes. Thank you so much Daddy. I reach in and take your cock out. I can’t wait to slip this cock into my mouth Daddy. I press it against my lips and slide it all the way down my slutty little throat. Moaning, I continue to suck your big fat Daddy cock until it is rock hard just for me. I love this cock daddy. I slip all the way out of my dress and turn around pressing my tight little ass up against your throbbing cock. I continue to stroke you against my ass as I bounce up and down on your fingers. You make me so wet daddy. I want you to cum all over my tits daddy, think you can do that for me? I turn around and start stroking and sucking your cock. Squeezing your cock with both my hands make me so horny Daddy. I want to just shove you inside me. But I don’t, I keep sucking you, taking your cock in nice and deep. I feel your load getting closer and closer as your breathing gets louder and deeper… I pull your cock out of my mouth and point it right at my big beautiful breasts. Cum all over me daddy! You explode your hot load all over my tits. I think I’m good for tonight Daddy!

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Taboo POV – Bella Rolland


Bella Rolland – Slutty step daughter asks Daddy why he dislikes her boyfriend
Released: August 21, 2019

Hey, what’s up? I’m just sitting here waiting to go on a date with my new boyfriend. What? I know you don’t like him but he’s better than my last boyfriend. Come on, he isn’t all that bad. And why do you care so much anyway? Mom doesn’t care this much, not even my real dad cares this much. You are just my step-dad… Why does he bother you so much? I sit back and spread my legs wide open towards you showing off my tight young body. What… this is my house, I don’t have to worry about looking like a lady. Besides, I see you checking me out every time I bend over to pick something up around here. Don’t act like you aren’t a perv. I know you are daddy. I just don’t understand why my boyfriend gets to you so badly. I mean, are you jealous? Because mom isn’t home… And my date won’t even be here for like, another fifteen or twenty minutes. I begin unbuttoning my pants and pull down the zipper. Maybe we could have a little fun until then?

Maybe I should get more comfortable. I lean forward and tug my tight jean shorts off of my big round butt and slide them down my legs. Sitting back I reveal my tiny little whit thong. Yes, I wore a matching set, don’t make a big deal about it. Giggling, I slide my hand down the front of my panties and up to my pretty bouncing boobies. You like this right? I bounce my perky tits in my little t-shirt for you. Letting them slip out, I grab them looking at you. Doesn’t your step-daughter have nice tits? They are real unlike moms. Let’s take these pants off, I don’t even know why you still have them on. I begin undoing the top of your pants and yank them off of you. I climb on top of you and pull my shirt off over my head. That’s better isn’t it. I lean down and begin stroking your cock. You have such a nice cock daddy. I slip the tip of your cock into my mouth. I lick your cock up and down alternating with my hands. I love stroking and sucking at the same time daddy. I feel that cock getting nice and hard for me. I grasp it with both hands and give your cock big long strokes. Oh yes, daddy likes that doesn’t he? Oh fuck daddy, I love your dick so much. I continue stroking it and point it at my big bouncing titties. I want you to cum all over my tits Daddy, can you do that for me? I keep jerking your cock right at my tits until you gush cum all over them! Cover me in it Daddy!

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Teen Fidelity – Ali Novak


E382 – Ali Novak
Released: August 21, 2019

Ali is excited to go with Alex to prom, except she told him and all his friends they can have a piece of that teen ass after the dance. One small problem, she’s a virgin. She’s going to need a little warm-up fuck to get her loosened up for the gangbang later!

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