Playboy Plus – Kendra Cantara [IMAGESET]


Kendra Cantara – Front Door Strip
Added: February 23, 2017

Back from the beaches of Bora Bora is Cybergirl Kendra Cantara, and she’s teamed up with photographer Damir K for a comeback set you won’t forget. “I was on the television show Dating Naked and I was super excited about it,” explains the hazel-eyed, black-haired model. “It was an awesome experience, but the guy they chose for me wasn’t necessarily my type. My kind of guy is tall, dark and handsome, with long hair and strong arms. He’ll know exactly how to handle me. He’ll do whatever he wants with me!” His loss is your gain, because as soon as Kendra flew back to her home in Hartford, Connecticut, she placed a call to Playboy Plus for a photoshoot— located preferably somewhere warm. “The weather on the East Coast is really horrible. It’s always freezing in Connecticut,” says the all-natural beauty wearing lace lingerie. “We shot this set in Beverly Hills at a really beautiful mansion and my favorite look was this black bodysuit with a fur jacket.” Posing on the front steps of the estate, Kendra admits she really missed the Playboy Plus cameras and they missed her right back. Welcome back Cybergirl Kendra Cantara in our comment section, right here on Playboy Plus.





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