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Bang Trickery – Bridgette B


Bridgette B Gets A Prescription Of Dick At The Doctor’s Office
Released: November 16, 2018

Bridgette B is a gorgeous busty blonde that goes to the doctor for a little back ache and ends up getting fucked in her backdoor love canal! She spreads her legs like a good patient and gets a full exam on her pussy! Next the Dr. gives her a breast check, which involves licking her rock hard nipples! Then he fucks that super tight ass and Bridgette loves every inch.

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All Girl Massage – Bridgette B And Christy Love


Bridgette B And Christy Love – Inspection Gone Wrong
Released: October 22, 2018

Buxom health inspector Bridgette B walks into the massage parlor, looking preoccupied and annoyed. She looks at her watch and sighs. Petite masseuse Christy Love walks into the room apologizing that she kept her waiting. Bridgette stares at her with a look of disdain and reminds her that their meeting was for 1 o’clock sharp and no later. When Christy responds that it’s 1:02 pm, Bridgette just blankly stares at her and then starts looking around stating that her place of business looks like a mess. Christy tries to explain that she was just tidying up, but Bridgette cuts her off, telling Christy that she’ll have a look at the back if that’s not too much trouble for her. Christy motions her to follow her and Bridgette just walks past her scoffing.

In the back room, Bridgette looks around and rolls her eyes; it’s a mess! Christy tells her she was in the process of cleaning her place because they’ve been busy lately, but Bridgette just looks at her, prompting her to stop talking. When Christy finally shuts her mouth Bridgette reminds her that they booked this inspection two weeks ago and she has had plenty of time to prepare. In response, Christy meekly says that she wished she had more time. Bridgette looks at Christy right in the eyes and offers her an ultimatum: what is she willing to do to pass this inspection? Christy says she’ll do anything, she’ll even have sex with her. Bridgette looks surprised, she was just hinting that she wanted a massage on the house! But sex is even better. The masseuse is relieved, she can give a massage on the house. But it’s too late! Now that Bridgette knows sex is an option, she doesn’t want just a massage anymore… although she’s taking that, too!

Bridgette lifts her skirt, revealing her shaved pussy. Climbing up onto the massage table, she spreads her tanned legs and motions for Christy to start. Christy begins to eat Bridgette’s pussy enthusiastically. Before long, Bridgette is convulsing in ecstasy, grinding her pussy on Christy’s face as she cums intensely. Bridgette congratulates her on a good job and reminds her that it’s massage time. Bridgette takes off the remainder of her clothes, unveiling her spectacular tits. She lies down on her chest as Christy pours oil on her back, expertly massaging the health inspector. Bridgette prompts her to give her luscious ass some attention. Christy does what she’s told, working Bridgette’s firm bottom. When she flips onto her back, Christy makes sure not to miss an inch of Bridgette’s massive breasts, pouring oil on them as she squeezes them eagerly. Soon Christy decides that it’s time for her to get naked too to make sure that Bridgette gets the best service possible, and her clothes fall to the floor. Bridgette is impressed by the masseuse’s tight body. As Christy climbs up onto the massage table and kisses Bridgette’s tits slowly and delicately, the inspector directs her to go…lower. Christy moves down between her legs and begins to lick Bridgette’s pussy again. Christy may have made the inspector cum once already, but Bridgette is about to show the masseuse that for her to pass the inspection, her work is just beginning…

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Street Suckers – Bridgette B


Bridgette B and Marco, latin passion
Released: October 20, 2018

Our very own Spanish doll is a specialist in sucking and she wasn’t ready to skip the opportunity of sucking off Marco Banderas. She starts by seducing the camera before stripping nice and slowly while she swings her hips. All of this to pave the way for what’s coming next…

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Mommys Girl – Bridgette B And Darcie Dolce


Bridgette B And Darcie Dolce – Sexy Siesta
Released: October 6, 2018

Darcie Dolce is laying in bed texting a friend. She tries to send a sexy picture, but is too shy and keeps chickening out. Her step-mother, Bridgette B, storms into her room, telling her off for being on her phone when she should be helping out with the chores. Darcie makes it clear that she doesn’t like her new mom bossing her around, and Bridgette angrily leaves to go back to work.

When Bridgette checks up on her step-daughter later, she finds her napping. She’s exasperated at first, but then can’t resist lingering and checking her out. She lays on the bed next to Darcie and snags her phone, discovering the scandalous pictures Darcie took earlier! She then caresses Darcie. When Darcie awakens to find her step-mother in bed with her, she’s shocked. She’s even more shocked to find out that Bridgette’s into girls, too! It seems as though both mother and daughter have dirty secrets.

Although Darcie’s reluctant, Bridgette gives her an ultimatum: either play by her rules or she’ll tell Darcie’s father about the sexting. Darcie counters by declaring that she’ll tell her father that Bridgette’s a lesbian! Bridgette insists that there’s only one way to shut Darcie up, and it isn’t long before she’s having her perky breasts fondled and pussy eaten out by Bridgette. Not to be outdone, and giving into her pent-up lust from her earlier sext-capades, Darcie makes Bridgette writhe and moan with pleasure as well. Who will come out on top to keep their secret safe another day?

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Love Her Feet – Bridgette B


Bridgette B – Single Again
Released: September 14, 2018

Divorce finalized! Finally I’ve been free again and can do whatever and whoever I want! My first slice of freedom as a single woman was to visit my sister and her husband in California. My sister was at work when I arrived so I was greeted by her husband. I was wearing a tight yellow shirt that really showcased my huge boobs and tiny shorts with matching yellow heels. He couldn’t take his eyes off me while we chatted. My nerdy lil sis never dresses like that. Watching him drool, I decided why not to have him be my first new dick?! So while I took a bath, I called for him to bring my suitcase to me saying I need something out of it. Although what I really wanted was his cock. He was startled standing over my naked wet body in the tub but I started to tease him with my French pedicures toes, rubbing his crotch with my sultry wet feet. I guess he just couldn’t take it anymore because he stuffed my toes in his mouth. We fucked each other so hard. It was a good start to my newly single slut journey.

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Monster Curves – Bridgette B


Bridgette B – Looking Good Slick
Released: September 8, 2018

You’ve never had a hot oil massage quite like this one. Statuesque “Spanish Doll” Bridgette B strips down and then hops onto her massage table to oil up every inch of her stunning curves. When Jake arrives, she’s ready to caress him with her whole body, starting with stroking his dick with her lubed-up feet! Bridgette draws out her tease by grinding her wet pussy against Jake’s cock as she squirts even more oil on her huge tits, and he helps to rub it in so she can massage his man-meat with her pillowy jugs. This babe is even flexible enough to suck Jake’s cock while she wraps her soles around it! But she can’t wait any longer to get fucked deep in her pussy and feel Jake’s hot creamy massage oil all over her!

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NF Busty – Bridgette B


Bridgette B – Picture Perfect Tits
Released: September 7, 2018

Kyle Mason can’t stop staring when he walks in on Bridgette B. changing clothes. The busty coed peels off her bra and thong, then slips into a sheer teddy that does nothing to hide the absolute bounty of her titties. Grabbing a camera, Bridgette starts snapping naughty selfies as she lays on the bed. She eventually notices Kyle peeping, but instead of getting upset the puffy-lip beauty grabs him by the shirt and drags him inside to take even better pictures of her incredible bod.

Gradually shedding her clothes as Kyle obediently keeps snapping away with the camera, Bridgette eventually makes it clear that Kyle is there to do more than just act as an impromptu photographer. Reaching out to take the camera from his hand, she once again uses his shirt to guide him right where she wants him.

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Beautifully Stacked 5


Cast: Bridgette B, Anna Bell Peaks, Dani Jensen, Kristall Rush

The busty babes are back in Beautifully Stacked 5! Dani Jensen, Anna Bell Peaks, Bridgette B and Crystal Rush are here, and they can’t wait to seduce you with their perfect tits! So get ready to lose yourselves at the peaks of busty fornication in high definition!

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