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Up Her Asshole – Sunshine, Rainbows, and Anal for Blonde Teen Lexi Lore


Filesize: 745 MB

Wearing sporty rainbow socks and wrapped in sunshine, skinny blonde Lexi Lore is chomping at the bit for anal sex. PervCity learns that this teen with braces loves older men with big dicks, so we decide to treat the sexy Lolita to both. As soon as she knows she’s going to get a daddy dicking up her asshole, she spreads her shaved pussy and starts masturbating. Pussy licking and finger fucking drive her mad. And when she finally gets that cock after a bit of tasty foot-fetish shrimping, she goes full-on hardcore with a rimjob and slobbery deepthroat. Solid as a rock, that prick rams into her barely legal asshole, pounding in doggy style and missionary, until exploding all over her begging tongue.

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Sweetheart Video – Reagan Foxx, Alex De La Flor: The Kissing Bandit


Filesize: 322 MB

Since Karen (Brandi Love) starts her blog Girls Kissing Girls one couple attracts a lot of attention. The Governor’s daughter, Heidi (Alex De La Flor) and her teacher, Gina (Reagan Foxx). The last time she wrote about them, Heidi was leaving high school for college. Gina did not expect Heidi to come visit her so quickly, until Heidi discovered something special in college. She realized that she prefers the touch of women. Gina is openly gay and Heidi tries to get answers for all her questions. Luckily for her, Gina is more than willing to answer all her question and even more.

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Simply Anal – Lovenia Lux: Seductive Anal Action


Filesize: 262 MB

Gorgeous babe Lovenia Lux appears in our latest Simply Anal porno scene and she is in the bedroom kissing her man while dressed in black lingerie. Helping each other take off their tops, Lovenia gets her nipples sucked and he uses his hands to touch her pussy through her panties. They move onto the bed and he pulls down her panties before licking her delicious pussy…

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Pascals Sub Sluts – Elena Vega


Filesize: 1 GB

Elena Vega: “But You Look Just Like My Dad!”

Beautiful Elena Vega, 27, is the last Czech girl we’ve got to present to you from our trip to Prague last October. She’s perfect for PascalsSubSluts – loves it rough, really gets off from bondage – and, judging from the admissions she makes during her interview, she has been for a while.

By the time she was 17 she’d fucked a couple of guys. She then started a relationship with a man who was 28 years older than her. As she describes it, this man could only fuck one way — hardcore rough. When pushed to describe the kind of things she enjoyed with him, she lists exactly the same stuff we shoot here at PSS. “He abused me,” she laughs. Throughout her description of the relationship Elena can’t help smiling. Right from the start, she knew she’d discovered the kind of sex she loved. They fucked for a year.

We play the scene slow and erotically. Elena plays a model who’s extremely anxious about working with Pascal. It turns out he reminds her of her father. P suggests that a blindfold might help, and it does. Next come the handcuffs and then a ball gag. All very good. And then Pascal just teases the fuck out of her, toying with her wet cunt with his fingers as she stands bound and helpless in the middle of the room. And when finally he grants her pussy his rock-hard cock, her body and brain completely explode. And he hasn’t even started fucking her in the ass yet.

Here’s what she got up to with us in a bit more detail:
– Anal & vaginal fucking
– Physical & verbal domination
– Deepthroat & face-fucking
– Face-slapping
– Choking
– Spanking
– Masturbation
– Toy
– Cumshot (CIM)

Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for watching. See you next week.


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Porn Mega Load – Adel: Study Her Masturbation Skills


Filesize: 348 MB

Adel invites you to a private study session. But instead of books, it’s her pale, creamy thighs that are spread open. Adel wants you to study her body, so pay very close attention as she disrobes and lets her hands wander her body. Take note of her tiny, perky tits and small, beige nipples. Pay close attention to the way she diddles her shaved pussy. Those pink cunny lips are very inviting, and so accommodating to Adel’s two fingers. Imagine how nice they’d feel around a hard cock. There’s something about a tight teen body and pink pussy that works wonders for memory retention. This is one study session you won’t forget!

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Girls Way – Emily Willis, Serene Siren: Mean Dean


Filesize: 433 MB

Emily Willis, a college student, is hanging out in the locker room but looking nervous, trying not to draw attention to herself. She tries to calm herself, talking to herself and saying, ‘This is the LAST thing you have to do… You just have to take the dean’s clothes when she showers and the Girlsway sorority will finally accept you. You GOT this!’ She looks pumped but gets startled when she hears someone entering the locker room. ‘You DON’T got this!’ she gasps as she scrambles to find a hiding place, hiding behind a locker, although it’s a terrible hiding spot.

Serene Siren, the dean, struts by, wearing her gym fitness workout clothes. She stops nearby Emily, who is silently terrified of being caught, and undresses. She knows that Emily is there, having stolen a subtle glance in her direction to spot the girl’s poor attempt at hiding. She continues undressing, pretending that she doesn’t see the college student there.

Serene strips naked, and Emily can’t help but to sneak a peek once or twice when it’s safe to do so without being caught. She’s also trying to see which locker is Serene’s but just before Serene opens a locker, she looks in Emily’s direction. Emily instantly ducks again to avoid being caught, keeping her head down. Serene then grabs her towel and saunters off to take a shower.

Emily waits a few moments to make sure Serene doesn’t return, then hurries out from her hiding place. ‘Here’s my chance! The dean put her clothes around here somewhere…’ she says quietly to herself. She rushes to the lockers, checking one or two, before finding and grabbing the clothes into her arms. She looks excited and triumphant.

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