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Lustery – Juan, Delfine: Breaking Bed


Filesize: 299 MB

Though this was their first time filming their sex, Juan and Delfine clearly had a lot of fun making their first Lustery video! Following with their diverse relationship, the couple starts with sensual fingering and “loads of oral” before building up to bed-shaking hardcore pounding!

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Girls Gone Wild – Sofie, London: Scissoring And Moaning


Filesize: 491 MB

Sofie and London were working at the garment factory which was creating all the Girls Gone Wild bikinis. Mia and her camera team came for a surprise visit. All the factory girls were excited to see her. Obviously they were all big Girls Gone Wild fans. Watching Girls Gone Wild also put them all into the right mind set so it was not difficult for Mia to find two girls who were willing to eat some pussy for breakfast. Sofie and London went to a separate room and started to kiss. First on the lips. Then their tongues slid down south to where it really counts. First Sofie was licking London’s pussy. Then London was licking Sofie’s pussy. And last not least the girls went for some sexy scissoring action. They moaned forever after.

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Amateurs, Full HD

Girls Gone Wild – Alexis: Orgasm For A Free Tattoo


Filesize: 190 MB

Alexis was at this famous tattoo shop. Mia and the Girls Gone Wild team were there, too. They were offering a free tattoo and no waiting time in exchange for some self love on camera. Alexis was game. She took off her clothes, sat down in the tattoo chair and stared to play with her pussy. Her French manicured nails started to circle her clit and tenderly caress her pussy lips. After a while Alexis came in the most beautiful orgasm. That free tattoo was hers!

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Czech Casting – Radka 1834


Filesize: 274 MB

Anal massacre live! This Czech amateur is incredibly wild. She is getting ready for her maturita exam, she just turned 18 and she came to us to finally start shooting hardcore anal porn. Yes, you read it right. Now listen to her unbelievable confession. Blonde Radka told us her very first sex was anal!!! She lost her virginity in both holes that day and she enjoys all kinds of sex ever since. Our cameraman gave her tough times though. He fucked her throat and then her ass so hard she will remember it forever. Check out the anal carnage of a Czech 18 y/o!

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Czech Casting – Klara 0312


Filesize: 171 MB

Let me introduce Klara, skilled dancer with even more skilled hands. This jolly brunette showed us amazing stuff: she started with a very personal confession about her vices, then performed a superb street dance show for your eyes only. She continued with oil solo massage and even spiced things up when she let our cameraman oil her pussy. She repaid him with jerking him off on her sweet boobs. This is an amazing video you definitely don’t want to miss.

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Shes New – Cara May


Cara May – Ancient Alien Pussy Probe
Released: April 21, 2019

Cara May has been in the cam game for a while, but now she is interested in moving into the most exciting industry in the world. PORN! First thing Cara does is peels down her dress to expose her luscious titties and beautiful, porcelain skin. What a sexy treat. Then she turns around and twerks her fat ass for the fans. Did we mention this girl is small? She is like five foot nothing. And she is also down for almost anything. One time, a cam fan asked her to fuck herself with the handle of a knife! She would also fuck an alien if given the chance. Well, Cara, keep cumming because we cannot get enough!

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Monsters Of Cock – Haley Reed


Haley Reed – Dark Chocolate Easter Anal
Released: April 21, 2019

It was a beautiful Easter Sunday. Haley Reed was slowly undressing for her morning shower. As the water was rinsing over here beautiful young body Easter Bunny Charlie Mac opened the front door and hopped in. He started to hide Easter Eggs all over the house. Then he hopped to hide more eggs in the garden. He saw Haley in the shower. His nose almost got stuck on the glass. She did not notice him though. He dropped a few eggs on the floor and in the bedroom. Then he climbed into her bed, hid his giant dick in a giant egg and covered himself with a blanket. Haley got out of the shower. She noticed eggs on the floor and followed the trail to the bedroom. Surprise, a giant egg on her bed. She opened it! Her eyes got big! There was the biggest dick inside. Quickly she started to compare it to her body parts. It was giant. She sucked it. Then the Easter Bunny came out of her bed and started to fuck her. Bunnies can fuck really fast and they can fuck anywhere they want. So he switched for the other hole. His giant dick was spreading her asshole wide. He fucked her and fucked her until her ass was wide open. Then he came all over her face. She was looking forward to seeing him next year!

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Bad Milfs – Daphne Dare And Aaliyah Love


Daphne Dare And Aaliyah Love – Easter Holiday Dick Down
Released: April 19, 2019

On this fine Easter morning, Aaliyah Love walks into her stepsons room to find that he has an extra serious case of morning wood. It is almost time for them to go to church, so she decides she needs to fix the situation and fast. What better way than a blowjob from his stepmom? Later, he introduces her to his gorgeous girlfriend, Daphne Dare. Aaliyah is clearly jealous, so she pretends to walk in on them by accident. She cannot believe her eyes when she sees the beautiful girl sucking her stepsons cock. The only thing for her to do is join in on the Easter treat and fuck her stepson like a bunny. Church is going to smell like sex today…

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Brown Bunnies – Aaliyah Hadid


Aaliyah Hadid – Masturbating in Step Dad’s Room
Released: April 19, 2019

Aaliyah Hadid is constantly horny. So much so that when she found herself home alone, she snuck into her step father’s room and started to masturbate. Little did she know, he would return home early. He walked into the house and instantly heard her moaning. As he followed the noise, he caught her in the middle of the act. Once he confronted her, Aaliyah decided to show him just how much of a bad girl she is, she started sucking him off on the spot. Eventually, things moved further along. Aaliyah got fucked by her step father in several different positions. Stretching her pussy with every stroke and eventually busting a gigantic load all over her face

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