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Nubile Films – Sybil


Sybil – Caught In The Moment
Released: August 4, 2020

Sybil loves watching porn and she’s not afraid to admit it. Hanging out on the couch with her laptop, she navigates to her favorite site and pops on her favorite sexy video. From there, it’s just a matter of pulling up her shirt and pulling her shorts aside for a good time. Just as she’s getting comfortable, though, Charlie Dean sneaks up beside her. For Sybil, the only thing better than masturbating to her favorite porno is having some help in getting off.

Now that Sybil is no longer flying solo, she doesn’t need the visual stimulation. She closes her laptop and focuses all her attention on Charlie’s hardon. Pulling Charlie’s fuck stick close, Sybil licks the tip like her favorite lollypop. Then she dives on in for a deep throat blowjob.

Easing Sybil back onto the couch, Charlie returns the favor of oral sex. He starts off with a pussy rubdown, then gradually eases Sybil’s thong to the side. Using his tongue, Charlie blazes a trail that his fingers soon follow as he makes sure that his lover is nice and wet and ready for action.

Cuddling close to Sybil, Charlie guides his dick home into the hot glove that his mouth and fingers have just finished warming up. Spooning behind Sybil, Charlie rocks his hips for her pleasure. Sybil responds by lifting one leg high in the air to give Charlie even better access to her slim body.

Next, Sybil gets to her feet with the back of the couch between her thighs. When she leans forward, her motion puts her pussy at the perfect height for Charlie to reenter her from behind. Charlie is happy to oblige Sybil’s silent demand, filling her up as she hums with delight. When Sybil rolls onto her back on the back of the couch, Charlie continues to deliver the pleasure that Sybil craves, sinking deep into her landing strip snatch.

When Sybil’s head falls back with the force of her orgasmic bliss, Charlie knows that he’s free to take his own pleasure. Shoving all the way inside, Charlie blows his load. Dripping with her lover’s passion, Sybil basks in the afterglow of an afternoon spent fucking.

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Gangbang Creampie – Sidra


G266 – Sidra
Released: July 31, 2020

Sidra’s toned dancer body is finally stretched out on the pedestal, surrounded by her FIVE COCKSMEN for her FIRST GANGBANG EVER! Eddie is the first to play GREET THE PLEATS this week, but just about everybody wants to get a taste of sweet Sidra. Scotty P. is the first to sink the pink this week after Sidra gets so well lubed up by the others. Right from the start, Sidra takes it in both ends, not to mention two more cocks in her hands at the same time. Not bad for the first few minutes of your first gangbang ever. All the Cocksmen are extremely eager to get inside Sidra for the first time. There’s something special about Sidra. Her pussy has cast a spell over these experienced swordsmen. Like the true gentleman he is, Eddie waits for all the other Cocksmen to have their first rounds inside her before he takes Sidra to his special brand of paradise. After a ride with Eddie in mid-air, it’s time for a traditional ride on the pedestal with Randy. Those intense differently-colored eyes, Sidra’s tight body, and her even tighter pussy meant there was no more time before they could hold back filling this queen with creampies. Randy gives her load #1 with her on top in reverse cowgirl. The rides continue on top of Jason with Sidra facing the other way. Eddie plunges into her for some more cowgirl action before Scotty rounds out the rotation with her in sidesaddle. Next Sidra slides to the floor so she can take more cock from both sides on her hands and knees. Sidra switches it up to mish to take some traditional love and some more creampies. Chris drops ‘pie #2 in her on the floor, followed by a facial from “Round Two Randy.” The rest of the Cocksmen leave their deposits in Sidra, filling her with FIVE CREAMPIES (not to mention that extra facial). Her first gangbang ends with a photo op, surrounded by her drained Cocksmen. She gave them a workout! Should we have Sidra back to see how much more cum she can suck out of these guys? Give us your opinions in the comments below. This may be one of Sidra’s first scenes, but a performance this good means it probably won’t be her last on!

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Brazzers Exxtra – Lela Star


Best Of Brazzers Lela Star
Released: July 27, 2020

Join us in celebrating Lela Star, undoubtedly one of the hottest performers around. Known for her devil-may-care attitude, reality star-like looks and her award-winning ass, Lela has made a huge impact on Brazzers. We’ve collected some of her highlights!

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Backroom Casting Couch – Hannah


Released: July 20, 2020

18yo Hannah was recently let go from her job at the mall. Desperate for income and willing to do anything she reached out to one of my talent scouts named “Showoff” (Interesting character he is. Maybe I’ll bring him in some time for you all to meet). Anyway, she was brought to my office the very next day. You’ll see us first meeting her when she walks through the door, watch us convince her of our good intentions and then do what we do best – get her to do whatever we want. Now.. there’s one thing that puzzles me.. I’m not sure what these recruiters tell the girls, but for some reason they get really upset after the audition when I tell them they’re not getting paid *shrug*

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Japan HDV – Hikari Kazami


Hikari Kazami Is A Dedicated Nurse
Released: July 19, 2020

When you have a nurse like Hikari Kazami, you can be sure that you will get well pretty soon. Especially if she gives you her full body as a cure for your illnesses. In this movie you can watch her taking care of her new patient. She starts by sucking his cock in the bathroom, anfter hte huy got a hard on from her sensual touches. After she got her mouth fucked, the action moved to the bed, where the patiend started licking all of her body like she was the medicine he needed for healing. He kissed her neck, worshiped her boobies and licked her pussy from behind, making sure to run his tongue over her tight asshole in the process. And then it was time for her pussy to be entered. The guy drilled her from behind until she became cock drunk. She got fucked so hard that she started screaming, and after a session of wild drilling, the patient released his sperm inside her tight pussy. The white cum dripping out of her extra hairy bush looks amazing at the end of this video. I’m sure you’ll love every minute of this amazing nurse sex scene with Hikari Kazami.

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Exploited College Girls – Delilah Day


Delilah Day – Part 2
Released: July 18, 2020

Today is Part 2 of 22 year-old country girl Delilah Day and her partner in corruption Maddy May. Part 1, is the hot a steamy car sex & intro that wet all our whistles for this infectious Southern belle who’s just begging to be corrupted. Go check it out first because you need to witness these two hotties in the car and just how much naughtiness Jay and Maddy showered our little Delilah with. And yes Maddy got hers the next day which was so fucking hot we just had to keep them both over an extra day so Delilah could lick her first pussy ever. Oh yeah, these two have not hooked up yet or explored each others’ bodies either. It’s such a shame to think these two have not parted the tender folds or tasted the sweetness of each others’ flowers yet. Blasphemy I say and SO sad. But oh yeah, it happened on this trip and it’s so fucking hot so don’t fret Steve’s here to make it happen. Keep an eye out for this update coming soon. Lets just say corruption abounded in Part 1, but the hotel sex is what really fogged up the windows of this sexcapade. So things start off with a little interview of Delilah on the ExCoGi hotel room bed looking all hot and special as we find out more sexual adventures this Southern belle has experienced. And where’s porn mom Maddy? Hanging out for moral support and even helps out with production of this epic corrupting of little Delilah, and she’s damn good at it too! I know Maddy’s here to suck and fuck her way to the top, but these two newbies to the Jizz Bizz got skills. Delilah is sexy as fuck as she sucks Jay’s thick hard cock in a sloppy BJ that every girl should strive to give to her man if she wants to keep him happy. And did I say she has the sexiest fuck face ever? Well she does cuz she likes it slow and passionate and Jay gives it to her right, fucking that sweet pussy till she’s sore and can’t walk straight for a few days. Then there’s Maddy who’s a close tie as to who is better at fucking I tell you. But the real surprise was how good Maddy is behind the camera, which is her real end-game she confessed. I must say she’s pretty damn good at it too. Might have to hire her to corrupt a few more newbies in later ExCoGi scenes with cameras skills like that and an attitude and rocking body to boot with a zest for sex you don’t find in too many girls these days. But this is Delilah’s day and I predict that Delilah is the next big star on the horizon with her smooth as silk skin, toned body and perky as fuck titties. I say she is every guy’s type and well worth the wait of Part 2. Yes these girls are sexy and refreshing, illustrating why Southern girls are fun as fuck to get down with and know how to treat a man right. So if you haven’t primed your pumper with Part 1 go do it now. Then grab your lube or favorite mechanical device, don’t want to leave out the lovely ladies watching, and enjoy Delilah Day’s Exploration of Corruption Part 2. The movie, by sexy porn mom Maddy May and stud the JJay. Happy fapping or vibrating everybody!

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