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Fake Taxi – Daisy Delicious: Hot posh student tries anal fucking


Filesize: 604 MB

A posh student named Daisy Delicious got into my cab today. Daisy was wearing a fancy coat, and told me she only had one lecture for the day. Daisy told me how her student loans had run out, and she had starting selling panties to make ends meet. Daisy offered me her knickers for the taxi ride, and she was fucking hot, so I agreed. I told her I could even give her 150 pounds if she let me get a taste of her perky tits, and she enthusiastically said yes. I pulled over and got a taste of her twat, then she gave me a horny rimjob and blowjob. I got her arse ready with my finger, then took turns fucking both of her holes until I covered her with a huge facial!

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Public Agent – Monica Brown: Tight Russian pussy fucked outdoors


Filesize: 504 MB

I saw Monica Brown waiting at the bus stop, so I walked up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. I asked her how such a pretty woman could be here alone, and she told me she was headed to the town center. Seeing as how I was attracted to her, I asked Monica if she would show me her boobs for 150 Euros. She had perky, pert breasts, and for more money, I got to see her breathtaking ass. I knew I had to fuck her, so I offered her 400 Euros to give me a blowjob. Monica sucked my dick with lots of spit, and tasting my cock made her pussy wet, so she let me fuck her. We both got off, and in the end, she descended to her knees and let me cum in her mouth!

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Public Pick Ups – Alyssa Reece: Beautiful Day In The Fucking Neighborhood


Filesize: 852 MB

Bumped into this hottie hanging out outside and she dropped her phone with some naked pictures of herself on the screen. It turns out that she’s not very shy so I had to see how open she would be and how open I can get those legs. I love it when sexy chic…

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Public Agent – Sofia Lee: Train track blowjob and fuck


Filesize: 981 MB

I saw Sofia Lee walking down the road, but it wasn’t her neon tank top that attracted my eye, it was her massive set of tits! I stopped Sofia, and made up some story about how I was working on a project looking for talented singers. As we got to chatting, I learned that Sofia was 23, from Ostrava, here to study, and had a boyfriend. That’s never stopped me before, so I offered her some money to sing for me. She was shy, but I told her I would pay her to sing into my microphone, and showed her my cock! It took some more money, but soon enough, Sofia was giving me her best blowjob. Deepthroating my cock must’ve turned her on greatly, because she agreed to let me fuck her wet pussy! I got my fill, then I came all over her big boobs and told her to say hi to her boyfriend for me.

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Fake Taxi – Adelle Unicorn: Slim model’s backseat pleasure ride


Filesize: 991 MB

A slim beautiful brunette got into my car today, and introduced herself as Adelle Unicorn. I immediately told her how beautiful she looked. We got to talking, and Adelle told me she was on her way to a casting. She was a model, so I told her that I happened to know quite a few photographers and people in the industry. Since my phone was full of their info, I asked if she would like me to take some pictures of her boobs and butt to send to my friends. I got into the backseat and snapped some pics, then asked her what…

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Bang Fake News – Vera King


Vera King Fucks A Fake Realtor And It’s Caught On A Nannie Cam!!!
Released: May 8, 2019

Vera King thought she was going to check out a home for sale but she walked right into a real estate scheme! This dude would break into houses and offer the buyer a discount on the price if they let him fuck them. Vera figured why not save a few grand and she let him take her right there in the dining room and the real owners discovered the whole scheme, including their sexcapades on the nannie cam!

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