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Killergram – Amber Jayne: Hot Wife On Webcam


Filesize: 298 MB

We welcome back the sexy Amber Jayne to Killergram starring in this trademark, high style scene. Stirling Cooper is the lucky big cocked stud who has the pleasure of sampling thisbeauties talents as he offers up his hard fat cock for her to fill her hungry wet holes.

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Everything Butt – Britney Amber, Penny Pax: Anal Awakening


Filesize: 639 MB

When Penny Pax visits the doctor to get help with her arousal problems Dr. Britney Amber enlightens her with a thorough Anal Awakening. Dressed in a sexy red latex corset, red thigh-high stockings and red platform pumps Amber awaits Penny’s visit in her sinister little doctors office full of butt toys and an examination table. Penny is reluctant to talk about what her problem is so Doc Britney takes charge and goes in for a deeper look. Equipped with plenty of tools she starts with a stainless steel anal hoo–she slides it in and out with ease revealing that Penny actually has quite a slutty asshole. Penny is a bit apprehensive with this kind of exam but she soon grows to like it very much as she moans with pleasure each time the hook fills her ass. Dr. Amber gets turned on, peels off her lab coat, grabs the Hitachi and makes Penny eat her unshaved pussy and then her sexy ass until she comes all over Penny’s face and makes her lick it up.

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Device Bondage – Victoria Voxxx Endures Extreme Torment in Grueling Steel Bondage


Filesize: 378 MB

We have seen what Victoria Voxxx is capable of handling when it comes to extreme treatment from The Pope. She has proven that she is one of the toughest models around, so you have to ask yourself what the hell can these two do that’s going to top what has already been done? Well…we’re glad you asked. Victoria is on her back in a grueling back arch with her legs bent below her and her arms restrained with steel shackles. Her legs are spread, per the usual to allow easy access to her honey hole. The Pope enters and begins to inspect her body, with a few nice hits to warm up her flesh for the upcoming brutality.

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HardTied – Kira Noir: Zapper Twat


Filesize: 269 MB

Kira Noir looks nervous as she examines her surroundings. She’s planned this play date, but she doesn’t know her top. What might he do to her once she’s bound. There’s only one way to find out. As the ropes get tighter she relaxes a bit, but there’s always that fear.

A strict hogtie becomes an even stricter hogtie when the table Kira is laying on is removed. With her cunt exposed she has swings around the stage. When he puts the vibrator on her clit she has no control over her orgasms. It’s so intense she just flails.

She’s having a good time, but each new position brings a new fear, this time will he do something truly fucked up? Sure enough he does. The cattle prod comes out and Kira is terrified. He presses the prongs into her flesh and slowly drags it down her body. Will he turn it on? How bad will it hurt?

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Whipped Ass – Chanel Preston Trains Jane Wilde For Secret Mission


Filesize: 697 MB

Report on recruit Jane Wilde. Female. Age 20. Recruit Wilde’s qualifications for Operation Catfish are excellent and she has been delivered to Special Agent Chanel Preston for one-on-one examination and training using the following methods. 1: Recruit bound to a chair. Agent Preston will strip her naked, spreading her legs and exposing her pussy. Breasts groped, slapped. Nipples squeezed. Thighs slapped. Pussy slapped and fondled. 2: Recruit Wilde is blindfolded. She must learn to remain focused despite intense sexual stimulation. Agent Preston stimulates her with fingers deep in her pussy. Every body part must be tested, especially inside. Recruit Wilde is found to easily cum when a vibrator is applied to her clit along with Agent Preston fingering her pussy. 3: Recruit Wilde is bound to a mattress with rope. Nipple clamps applied. Nipples are noted as a special weakness for the recruit. Legs bound with rope, pussy exposed. Agent Preston uses face-sitting, smothering, and pussy eating to further train her. While Recruit Wilde shows too much pleasure in licking her trainer’s pussy, she is able to perform the task while being smothered. 4: Dick-on-a-stick. Recruit Wilde’s pussy is stretched out and abused. When a vibrator is added she comes hard. 5: Agent Preston uses a strap-on dildo to fuck Recruit’s pussy. Preston knows how to bury her cock and work it hard, so her recruits can only whimper and moan. 6: Anal. Agent Preston penetrates Recruit Wilde’s ass with large strap-on-cock. She’s pounded hard and deep. Rope bondage and ass fucking elicit strong responses. Conclusion: Recruit Wilde is found to be an anal slut who loves getting her ass filled with cock. Perfect for her mission.

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Sex And Submission – Demi Sutra gets fuck-love struck by captor Bill Bailey


Filesize: 565 MB

Bill Bailey has a suitcase full of cash and an FBI man hot on his trail. He enters the first house he sees to lay low and catches the beautiful and naked Demi Sutra by surprise. Demi screams as she catches sight of Bill and they struggle. Bill overpowers Demi, slaps her face, ties her up and gags her. Once she’s all tied up, Bill has a moment to appreciate her lithe petite frame. He feels up her tits and pussy as she struggles in bondage, unable to escape her captor. Bill flogs Demi before putting nipple clamps on her tits and teasing her with a vibrator on her juicy cunt. Demi screams in pleasure. She doesn’t know why, but this predicament has her all hot. She grinds down on the vibe trying to cum, but Bill has other plans. Demi isn’t allowed to cum unless she’s begging for his cock. Soon Demi is begging Bill to sick his cock in her mouth and her wish is granted. Bill inspects her mouth and spits in it, before sliding his hard cock in. He fucks her face and stuffs his whole package — balls included — into her pretty little mouth. Next, he ties her over a bed with her legs spread and takes a good luck at her pink pussy. Demi squirms as Bill flogs her and crops her ass. He puts close pins on her vulva and watches Demi wiggle in pain. Demi doesn’t know if it’s the pain or loss of control but she wants more. She begs Bill to give her more and fuck her cunt. Bill pushes his hard cock into her tight cunt, stretching it open and gives her a good hard pounding. He ties her on her back with her legs open and continues fucking her hole as Demi screams in pleasure, begging him to keep fucking her. She cums over and over with Bill in her cunt before Bill jerks off all over her sweet pussy.

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Killergram – Alessa Savage: Caught In The Act


Filesize: 192 MB

We welcome the sexy Alessa Savage in her debut scene for Killergram. Alessa comes back from shopping with her friend to find Sam Bourne sniffing her dirty panties. Luckily for him she’s not disgusted by it and instead lets him sample the real thing, which he wastes no time going balls deep in.

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Infernal Restraints – Sasha Heart: Gaslit


Filesize: 414 MB

No one believes Sasha Heart.
These pills, these awful pills! He keeps giving them to me. Every night! Then he takes me! Takes me to his dungeon. I know what he wants. That sicko freak! He wants my body. He makes me touch myself. He hits me and violates me.

Then he puts me back in bed. He pretends I’m having nightmares. He tells me I’m dreaming it all, but I know the truth. I know what he’s doing to me. He can’t trick me. The pills make me feel weird. When I take them I can’t stop him. I have to do what he says.

I threaten to tell the doctors, but he’s friends with the doctors. They’ll never believe me. Or maybe they know what he’s doing and they don’t care.

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Infernal Restraints – Ashley Lane: Zero To Sixty


Filesize: 260 MB

Ashley is edged for over thirty minutes.
Ashley Lane is back again. This time is different. In the past we’ve made good use of the fact that Ashley cums like crazy. Why should she get all the fun? This time she’s going to be teased and denied orgasm. She’s chained to the ground with her mound exposed. She pleads for orgasms, but she’s had enough of those.

With pipe sticks holding her she tries her best to steal an orgasm, but OT is skilled at keep away. Each time she’s about to climax he pulls the vibrator away and Ashley screams her disapproval. She stomps her feet and begs, but it’s not convincing.

She’s completely exposed. She can’t close her legs to protect her pretty pink pussy. The vibrator keeps her constantly on the edge of ecstasy. She begs and whines for release. When it does come it’s so powerful that it rips through her and instantly she’s had enough.

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