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Sex And Submission – Lily Lane Can’t Get Enough Cock!


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Lily Lane has been a good girl. She’s attending an anonymous support group for sex addicts and is proud to share her story. After the meeting, she connects with the mysterious Mr. Pete. Eager to be a friendly ear, she gets more than she bargained for as Mr. Pete shares his deepest darkest desires with her and soon she is overcome with lust and a hunger that can only be satiated by sex! She shows Pete her big tits and pinches them just as he instructs. She’s tied up over a desk, gagged, and flogged. Pete isn’t one to ignore a pretty pussy and Lily’s is dripping wet. He makes her beg for an orgasm and then gives her a good hard fucking. Lily is in heaven. It’s been so long since she’s had cock, she’s gagging for it. Pete puts her on her knees and blindfolds her. He fucks her pretty little mouth till spit leaks down all over her perky tits. Lily loves it and comes again as Pete commands. She’s so horny for cock, she just can’t get enough. She rides Pete over a desk, bouncing her ass up and down on his rock hard cock. Finally Pete ties her on her back with her legs open. He pounds her pussy over and over again, stretching it out and making it gape wider and wider. Lily can’t believe she ever gave up sex, this all feels so fucking good! But her hunger won’t be satisfied until she gets his cum. Lily tells him to cum on her pussy and bush and gets exactly what she wants. Mr. Pete blows a fat load all over her. Lily loves feel his cum on her body. Maybe being celibate isn’t for her after all.

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Round And Brown – Rylee Foxxx: Glitter Tease


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Rylee Foxxx. Night pool. Round tits. Spot lights. Big ass. Gold glitter. I think this is a winning combination with those striking eyes and the roundest of curves. Spank that ass and send flecks flitting through the air. Watch those cheeks bounce and move like melted gold flaked chocolate… Delicious. Though Rylee wouldn’t want to limit you from seeing her in all her glory, so she rinses off in the pool before she rides cock like the professional she is – the occasional sparkle glinting off her captivating skin. Come frolic with this golden Foxxx!

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Rodney Moore – Claire: Too Hairy For High Fashion


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Claire shows up for a fashion modeling assignment. But when she comes out of the dressing room in sexy lingerie, Rodney is shocked to find out that she’s SUPER HAIRY!! She has more armpit hair than he does, and her leg hair is poking through her fishnets. Of course, her muff is super bushy. Rodney tells her he absolutely cannot use her as a model, but he would love to use her in a different way, that being to satisfy his secret lust for hairy women. Not only is Claire scary hairy, but she’s also quite naturally busty, and Rodney is turned on by that as well. It doesn’t take much persuasion for her to let him suck on her big boobs and chow down on that super hairy snatch. But this wooly woman also likes a big cock in her ass, and Rodney is more than happy to plunge deep inside her hairy poop chute. After all that sex, she’s hungry, so after Rodney cums a ton all over her muff, he spoon feeds her the creamy goo.

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RK Prime – Khloe Kapri: Wave Rider


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Some people are going to tell me that there’s not a big surf culture in Florida. You know what? Khloe Kapri does not give a fuck. She’s get her flashy swimsuit, a waxed up board, perky ass, and attitude to match. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Who doesn’t want to see a gorgeous playful devil playing in water, twerking her ass, laughing and splashing? How much can her and Oliver get away with at the public beach before they have to run off and fuck behind closed doors? Maybe a little fingering, some foreplay? All as a preamble to sloppy Khloe covering her face in spit and slobber as she deepthroat and worship cock like the little sex fiend she is. This girl has enthusiasm – riding hard both in the water and out…

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