RK Prime – Sofie Reyez


Sofie Reyez – Cumming Home From The Festival
Released: March 21, 2019

The smoking hot Sofie Reyez sneaks back home with her latest cock to suck and fuck, Charles Dera, a dude that she met at a festival. Slutty Sofie can’t wait to bring him straight to her room where he’ll pound her dripping wet pussy with his massive cock! But only problem is Sofie’s dad catches them in the hallway. Her dad has been worried sick about Sofie and kicks out Mr. Dera. He sends Sofie off to her room, and the father thinks that he’s taught his sneaky slutty daughter a lesson. But what her dad doesn’t know is that Charles has climbed back into the bedroom through the window to finish what he and Sofie wanted to start before they got caught! Will Sofie’s dad bust them before Charles busts his nut all over this tantalizing teen?

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Pascals Sub Sluts – Elena Vega


Filesize: 1 GB

Elena Vega: “But You Look Just Like My Dad!”

Beautiful Elena Vega, 27, is the last Czech girl we’ve got to present to you from our trip to Prague last October. She’s perfect for PascalsSubSluts – loves it rough, really gets off from bondage – and, judging from the admissions she makes during her interview, she has been for a while.

By the time she was 17 she’d fucked a couple of guys. She then started a relationship with a man who was 28 years older than her. As she describes it, this man could only fuck one way — hardcore rough. When pushed to describe the kind of things she enjoyed with him, she lists exactly the same stuff we shoot here at PSS. “He abused me,” she laughs. Throughout her description of the relationship Elena can’t help smiling. Right from the start, she knew she’d discovered the kind of sex she loved. They fucked for a year.

We play the scene slow and erotically. Elena plays a model who’s extremely anxious about working with Pascal. It turns out he reminds her of her father. P suggests that a blindfold might help, and it does. Next come the handcuffs and then a ball gag. All very good. And then Pascal just teases the fuck out of her, toying with her wet cunt with his fingers as she stands bound and helpless in the middle of the room. And when finally he grants her pussy his rock-hard cock, her body and brain completely explode. And he hasn’t even started fucking her in the ass yet.

Here’s what she got up to with us in a bit more detail:
– Anal & vaginal fucking
– Physical & verbal domination
– Deepthroat & face-fucking
– Face-slapping
– Choking
– Spanking
– Masturbation
– Toy
– Cumshot (CIM)

Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for watching. See you next week.


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Porn Mega Load – Adel: Study Her Masturbation Skills


Filesize: 348 MB

Adel invites you to a private study session. But instead of books, it’s her pale, creamy thighs that are spread open. Adel wants you to study her body, so pay very close attention as she disrobes and lets her hands wander her body. Take note of her tiny, perky tits and small, beige nipples. Pay close attention to the way she diddles her shaved pussy. Those pink cunny lips are very inviting, and so accommodating to Adel’s two fingers. Imagine how nice they’d feel around a hard cock. There’s something about a tight teen body and pink pussy that works wonders for memory retention. This is one study session you won’t forget!

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Mom XXX – Shalina Devine


Shalina Devine – Blindfolded blowjob creampie orgasm
Released: March 21, 2019

When thick brunette MILF Shalina Devine tells her man Steve Q she wants to be extra naughty, Steve blindfolds her on the bed. Shalina, on her knees, enjoys the sensual experience of having Steve worship her big boobs and butt, and feels a tingle down her spine as his lips brush her skin. Steve slides his hand down the front of Shalina’s panties, and she moans with delight. Steve then lies the blindfolded MILF down and eats her out, then takes out his hard cock and makes love to her. Dominating her and keeping control, Steve shows Shalina the time of her life, and the hot MILF repays him by riding his dick until he creampies her pussy!

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Girls Way – Emily Willis, Serene Siren: Mean Dean


Filesize: 433 MB

Emily Willis, a college student, is hanging out in the locker room but looking nervous, trying not to draw attention to herself. She tries to calm herself, talking to herself and saying, ‘This is the LAST thing you have to do… You just have to take the dean’s clothes when she showers and the Girlsway sorority will finally accept you. You GOT this!’ She looks pumped but gets startled when she hears someone entering the locker room. ‘You DON’T got this!’ she gasps as she scrambles to find a hiding place, hiding behind a locker, although it’s a terrible hiding spot.

Serene Siren, the dean, struts by, wearing her gym fitness workout clothes. She stops nearby Emily, who is silently terrified of being caught, and undresses. She knows that Emily is there, having stolen a subtle glance in her direction to spot the girl’s poor attempt at hiding. She continues undressing, pretending that she doesn’t see the college student there.

Serene strips naked, and Emily can’t help but to sneak a peek once or twice when it’s safe to do so without being caught. She’s also trying to see which locker is Serene’s but just before Serene opens a locker, she looks in Emily’s direction. Emily instantly ducks again to avoid being caught, keeping her head down. Serene then grabs her towel and saunters off to take a shower.

Emily waits a few moments to make sure Serene doesn’t return, then hurries out from her hiding place. ‘Here’s my chance! The dean put her clothes around here somewhere…’ she says quietly to herself. She rushes to the lockers, checking one or two, before finding and grabbing the clothes into her arms. She looks excited and triumphant.

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Jesse Loads Monster Facials – Kennedy Kressler


Released: March 21, 2019

Kennedy is a girl of few words but when she speaks she gets right to the point. She gets naked and takes you on a scenic tour of her natural body. She’s gorgeous and sexy and she can slowly deepthroat while making you hold your breath in anticipation. She sucks Jay’s hard cock in many positions until it drops a hot load on her forehead and her hungry eyes.

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