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Big Tits At Work – Abigail Mac


Abigail Mac – First Impressions Are Important
Released: October 18, 2019

First impressions are important and Abigail Mac really wants her new co workers to like her. As the new secretary, it’s her job to assist her fellow employees in any way she can. Scott Nails takes an immediate shining to the new hire and is deeply interested in her salacious offer to help him. It doesn’t take long before Abigail is sucking his big cock in the middle of the office! Is this really the proper office etiquette you’d expect from a big company!? Scott’s co worker doesn’t believe so and he goes straight to HR to report him. Scott’s going to have to blow his load all over Abigail’s beautiful face before he’s fired!

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Digital Playground – Abigail Mac And Megan Rain


Abigail Mac And Megan Rain – Parallel Lust Episode 5
Released: October 14, 2019

Parallel Lust is an anthology series exploring the dark side of sexual desires and urges that lurk beneath the surface of seemingly normal individuals, offering a dark examination of the taboo as a multitude of characters come in contact with overwhelming forces of temptation, seduction, and erotic danger.

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Girls Way – Adriana Chechik And Abigail Mac


Adriana Chechik And Abigail Mac – Wet Wedding
Released: September 26, 2019

It’s supposed to be the greatest day of Adriana Chechik’s life… but her husband-to-be is nowhere to be seen! As she freaks out before the wedding, her maid of honor and best friend, Abigail Mac, tries to calm her down. However, when Abigail gets the news that the groom’s flight is delayed, she knows it’s not going to go over well with Adriana.

As predicted, Adriana freaks out. After Adriana calms down with Abigail’s help, Abigail carefully suggests that maybe this is a sign that Adriana isn’t supposed to get married. Adriana is upset until Abigail admits that SHE loves Adriana!

Adriana is stunned as Abigail goes on to say that it seems like Adriana’s HIDING a part of herself when she’s with the groom. Also, Adriana told her how he couldn’t make her squirt as she used to, which is a pretty big deal! Was it just a phase for Adriana or is the groom not up to the task?

Adriana still struggles to wrap her head around her mixed feelings about her best friend AND the upcoming wedding. Abigail reminds her that, as the maid of honor, she’s there to support Adriana however she can, so why don’t they relax and have a little fun? They can start by trying to make Adriana squirt so that she can know once and for all if the groom really IS the one.

Although Adriana’s hesitant, a gentle kiss from Abigail begins easing her into the sensual experience. Abigail gets to work showering Adriana’s pussy with lots of love and attention to see just how wet they can get. Will all of Abigail’s efforts to help Adriana see the truth about who she REALLY should be with pay off?

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Girls Way – Abigail Mac And Lindsey Cruz


Abigail Mac And Lindsey Cruz – Getting Her Client Off
Released: September 20, 2019

Lindsey Cruz… has a little problem. Every time she sees a hot woman, she gets horny as hell and can’t resist masturbating — no matter where she is! But the last time she did this, in a restaurant, she was caught… which is why she’s now waiting in an interrogation room for her lawyer to show up.

When her lawyer, Abigail Mac, shows up, Lindsey knows she’s in SERIOUS trouble. Not just because Abigail is a lawyer but because she’s a GORGEOUS lawyer. Although Lindsey’s trying to take everything seriously, she can’t help but to idly touch herself as Abigail tries to get all the facts straight.

As Lindsey tells Abigail more and more erotic details, the air between them becomes charged. By the time Abigail asks Lindsey to demonstrate HOW she touched herself, they are about ready to jump each other. Since this is a very serious matter, Abigail insists that Lindsey will have to work hard to prove that she’s a good girl… and Lindsey is happy to oblige!

Although Abigail starts things off with a simple kiss, it isn’t long before they’re both stripped down and eating out each other’s pussies while splayed along the interrogation table. As they work through the case together, can Lindsey convince Abigail that she really IS a good girl?

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Dashel_Jamison1!

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Brazzers Exxtra – Abigail Mac


Abigail Mac – Stuffing Her Ballot Box
Released: September 4, 2019

Abigail Mac is set to proudly carry out her civic duty and vote in the upcoming election, but it turns out that few things turn her on more than participating in politics. When Abigail arrives shortly before the polls close, she notices the hunky Xander Corvus standing in line in front of her. When Abigail nudges her way to second in line, she takes the opportunity while in her voting cubicle next to Xander to tease him with shocking assertiveness. An initially hesitant Xander worries about his ballot getting spoiled, but Abigail’s sexy advances lead him to the conclusion that exercising his democratic freedom means stuffing a different kind of ballot box.

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Pure Taboo – Kenzie Reeves And Abigail Mac


Kenzie Reeves And Abigail Mac – Resisting Arrest
Released: September 3, 2019

Officer Sonia Kapelli (Abigail Mac ) is sitting in her car watching the wretched world go by when she gets a call from a dispatcher about a vandalism in progress. When she answers the call, she sees the troublemaking teen, Zoe Willis (Kenzie Reeves), adding the finishing touches to her graffiti masterpiece.

Zoe is alarmed when a cop car suddenly starts speeding down the alleyway where she’s working. She drops her spray can and legs it, hoping to outrun the long arm of the law. But as the sirens scream and engine revs, Zoe doesn’t like her chances.


By some stroke of luck, Zoe’s able to duck around a corner and lose the pursuing officer. She rushes into a nearby warehouse, relieved to have dodged that bullet. After she takes a few moments to catch her breath, she removes another spray can from her satchel, ready to continue her mission.

‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you.’

Zoe freezes in her tracks, slowly turning around as Officer Kapelli approaches. She oozes authority, which triggers that rebellious side of Zoe to flare. She tries to run but stops when Officer Kapelli orders her to freeze. She’s compliant when Officer Kapelli pats her down to check for any weapons but becomes suspicious when Officer Kapelli starts manhandling her. Zoe knows the cop is rougher than she should be and protests, but the protests fall on deaf ears.

Zoe becomes cockier, angrier, as she challenges Officer Kapelli while being handcuffed with her hands behind her back. What is she being arrested for? Vandalism and trespassing, when REAL criminals are on the streets? THESE words seem to be what makes Officer Kapelli see red. What does Zoe know about how the world REALLY works?

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