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Home cleaning Aimi Tokita has her ass and pussy nude
Released: January 13, 2020

We introduce you Aimi Tokita, a sexy and kinky housekeeper! She wears no pants or lingerie while she does her cleaning job. This man is interested about her services and he gives a call to find more details. Aimi arrives at this guy’s home wearing a shirt, some pants and a kerchief and she is ready to do her cleaning. After taking the pants and the panties off, this woman does the dishes offering a hot view of her booty and of the pussy. She bents and shakes her ass, getting more and more appetizing. Next, Aimi takes care of the floors, cleaning them with a cloth with such skill. Her round ass cheeks are free to be admired while she cleans the stairs of this man’s house. This babe with naked pussy cleans each and every stair! She goes to the other room where she cleans the table touching it with her slit. Now, Aimi is in the bathroom where she is kneels and cleans the bathtub. The view of her labia is a very good one and hard to resist, again. She uses the shower to clean the bathtub and gets wet. Aimi takes the shirt off to change it with another one. Now, she is totally nude and we can her whole body, including the juicy boobies. It seems that this babe is not only a passionate about cleaning woman, she’s also hot! Aimi offers a total satisfaction to those requiring her services, that’s for sure!

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