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Nubile Films – Azazai, Amira Adara And Aislin


Azazai, Amira Adara And Aislin – Truth Or Dare
Released: June 2, 2020

Lusty fillies Aislin and Amira Adara are hanging out while they wait for their girlfriend Azazai to bring back drinks. The trio gabs as they drink, but eventually they decide that they’ll play a game of Truth or Dare. Aislin and Azazai are dared by Amira to share a kiss. That moment between them is so hot that Amira knows she needs to join in on the fun. It’s not long before all three girls are enjoying a mutual makeout session that promises not to stop until they’ve all gotten off.

Aislin gets to enjoy herself as the center of attention first. Azazai and Amira can’t get enough of running their hands all over Aislin’s slim body, especially once they unveil her matching bra and thong. Pulling Aislin close, Azazai starts lapping away at her friend’s breasts. Aislin eventually turns around so that she can make out with Amira while Azazai drops to her knees to relieve Aislin of her underwear. That opens the path for Amira and Azazai to go to work together, lapping at Aislin’s cream filled twat.

Eventually Azazai takes over doing all the work as Amira joins Aislin on the couch. The girls let Azazai make magic with her mouth for a few minutes, then pull her up to be in the center of their joint attention. Amira and Aislin use their hands and mouths for Azazai’s pleasure, but all three girls are looking for something a little more hardcore.

They adjust their position so that Azazai is laying on the edge of the couch with Amira between her legs. Aislin brings up the rear with her face buried in Amira’s twat. Slipping two fingers up to replace her mouth, Aislin delivers a proper pussy pounding and shifts her tongue’s attention to licking Amira’s anus. Her special attention only encourages Amira to feast on Azazai’s pussy even more voraciously.

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Dane Jones – Aislin


Aislin – Oil soaked quarantine masturbation
Released: May 29, 2020

It’s another boring day in isolation for petite blonde Aislin. After trying to paint and trying to read, she finds she just can’t focus through the boredom! Just when all seems bleakest, her friend rings her on the phone. The gal pals video chat, and Aislin shows off her sleek new zebra outfit before pulling it down, and stripping with her girlfriend one article at a time. Getting naked, Aislin gets turned on, and grabs some oil to pour on her small boobs. Turning around, Aislin pours oil on her ass, and shows off her tight holes, before lying back, and fingering her pussy until she cums!

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Viv Thomas – Aislin And Emerald Ocean


Aislin And Emerald Ocean – Party Girls 1
Released: April 23, 2020

Everyone’s having a good time, dancing and flirting, as episode one of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “Party Girls” begins. When naughty Dolly Diore splashes champagne all over sexy Emerald Ocean, Aislin rushes to her aid, leading her to the bathroom. She watches as Emerald takes off her top to rinse it, baring her beautiful breasts. Acting on their mutual attraction, gorgeous Aislin pins Emerald against the wall, kissing her avidly as they undress each other. Kneeling, Aislin licks Emerald through her panties before peeling them down and eating her shaved pussy skilfully. Emerald moans with pleasure, rocking her hips forward to meet Aislin’s busy tongue as she gets driven to boiling point. The busty blonde stands to fingerbang her from behind, giving her a powerful orgasm. They move to the bedroom, where Emerald lavishes attention on Aislin’s big breasts, then gazes up at her seductively as she licks her pussy voraciously. Aislin’s climax is powerful, and they kiss through the afterglow, breasts squashed together, before they get dressed and return to the party.

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Sex Art – Aislin And Teana


Aislin And Teana – Love Every Moment
Released: April 17, 2020

Stunning blonde Aislin and cute brunette Teana are busy in the kitchen, as Andrej Lupin’s hot movie “Love Every Moment” begins. But Teana can’t resist distracting her sweetheart with tender kisses, until Aislin returns her caress with equal passion. Teana sucks her girlfriend’s big beautiful breasts, tugging the nipples to make them jiggle. Getting naked, the adorable babe hops up on the kitchen counter, letting Aislin feast on her bouncing breasts and shaved pussy. Her lips spread like an exotic butterfly as Aislin licks her avidly, making her moan with pleasure. When Aislin adds her fingers to the mix, Teana goes wild, shaking and squealing through an intense orgasm. Her lover keeps right on fingering her until she climaxes again, even harder this time. Now Teana frigs Aislin’s pussy as she sucks her nipples, before pushing her onto her back and eating her voraciously. The sticky sounds of Aislin’s arousal mingle with her moans as Teana fingerbangs her to an explosive orgasm.

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Sex Art – Aislin And Antonia Sainz


Aislin And Antonia Sainz – Loving Touch
Released: March 13, 2020

Beautiful blonde Aislin is caressing her gorgeous body, hands roaming over her big breasts and shaved pussy, as Andrej Lupin’s hot lesbian movie “Loving Touch” begins. She’s caught by busty brunette Antonia Sainz, who greets her with a kiss as she jiggles and fondles her boobs lovingly. Aislin unbuttons Antonia’s shirt and buries her face between her soft tits, sucking her nipples voraciously. Pulling Antonia’s white panties down, she nuzzles her neatly trimmed bush and licks her smooth pussy to a rapid series of orgasms, then fingerbangs her to another, making her sexy body tremble uncontrollably. Now Aislin lies back for Antonia to eat her pussy skilfully, tongue dancing on her clit until she climaxes. Aislin straddles Antonia and rides her fingers, perfect ass rippling as she cums again.

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We Live Together – Nancy A And Aislin


Nancy A And Aislin – Soft And Sweet
Released: December 25, 2019

Lithe blondes entwined, hands searching over one another’s bodies, cue nail polish, wet lips, sensual kissing. And you get to watch this glorious European event. Running tongues along soft thighs, brushing fingers through silk hair. Biting down moans, letting gasps slip. Quivering as they grind and scissor. Aislin and Nancy are hungry to get to know one another, want to watch?

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Euro Teen Erotica – Hayli Sanders And Aislin


Hayli Sanders And Aislin – Finger Fucking Teen Lesbians
Released: December 4, 2019

Today DDF Network debuts Ukrainian teen Hayli Sanders in a hot finger fucking lesbian scene with fellow Ukrainian Aislin. The two have a sleepover, but there’s little sleep involved as the college brunette Hayli can’t help but get horny thoughts about the blonde babe Aislin feigning sleep in her sexy bodysuit lingerie. She starts massing Aislin’s backside starting from her shoulders and works her way down sensually to her curvy ass before getting fully on top of her and grinding into her from behind.

Aislin is now horny as heck and wants more, turning over on her back to receive titty sucking from Hayli. The the two move the action from French kissing down to their sweet shaved pussies to work each other to orgasm with fingering and pussy licking. They take turns getting each other off and together into 69 so they lap at each other’s juices simultaneously.

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White Boxxx Vol. 7, The


Cast: Lucy Li, Silvie Deluxe, Candice Luca , Aislin, Sabrisse , Kira Zen, Tracy Gold, Lou

Perfect skin, tight lips, and beautiful faces; this is what you’ll find in THE WHITE BOXXX. Passionate and playful, but with just the right amount of rough, these babes can’t wait to show you how they FUCK. Directed by Louis Moire and brought to you by LETSDOEIT productions; 2018 XBIZ Award Winner, don’t miss out on this one of a kind sexual experience!

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Viv Thomas – Aislin And Alya Stark


Aislin And Alya Stark – Ride With Me
Released: November 15, 2019

Sexy blonde Aislin is out on her bicycle, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “Ride With Me” begins. When she stops on a railway bridge to fix her faulty bike chain, cute passerby Alya Stark offers to help, and the two hotties strike up an instant rapport. Back at Alya’s place, Aislin takes off her panties while her new friend fetches her toolbox. The sweet green-eyed brunette is surprised to get a flash of Aislin’s bare pussy, but returns her spontaneous kiss eagerly, and shivers with pleasure when Aislin pulls down her top to bare her beautiful breasts and sucks her stiff nipples, then slides a hand into her tiny shorts. Soon Aislin has the shorts off and is sucking on the puffy pink folds of Alya’s shaved pussy, and then easing a finger inside to frig her to a powerful climax. Now the busty blonde straddles Alya’s face to get her shaved pussy eaten. As Alya laps at her clit voraciously, her boobs bounce hypnotically while she shudders with pleasure. She dismounts and lies back with her thighs spread wide as Alya drives her to an intense orgasm.

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