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Akari Asayiri

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Japan HDV – Akari Asayiri


Akari Asayiri is fucked so hard, again and again
Released: December 2, 2019

After a fun night, Akari Asayiri comes home to her man and she tells him that she is drunk. On the floor, she wants to be hugged and fucked. This guy kisses her and fondles her big tits over bra while undressing her. Akari has the hairy cunt rubbed in panties and licked after. More, her wet cunt is fucked with fingers and she loves it a lot. On the bed, with her nasty ass up in the air, Akari has the twat licked and fucked with fingers from behind. She takes the fellow’s hard cock in her mouth and she sucks it very well. This party gal rubs the dick between her big breasts and with her nipples. She is fucked deep in her throat and between the knockers again. From her tits, the hard tool gets into her crack, pumping it so hard that Akari screams. In the reverse cowgirl position, this babe is screwed like crazy while saying how good she feels. Her big boobs shake a lot while her love box is screwed from behind so deep. The rhythm of this doggy is totally insane and Akari can barely take it. After she cums, this slutty woman is drilled between the spread legs with them over the heads. More and more missionary fucking makes Akari’s boobs jumping on and on. Pulled by her arms, she is fucked in a last round of hardcore. After this, she gets a lot of cum in her very screwed pussy!

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Japan HDV – Akari Asayiri And Hikari


Akari Asayiri and Hikari fucked so good in foursome
Released: June 21, 2019

Akari Asayiri and Hikari talk about how good they felt in the bathroom. The relaxation continues with a massage from two men, which starts with the fondling of the tits and rubbing the pussies over the panties. Hikari has the slit rubbed from behind while Akari has the pussy licked while sitting with her ass on the man’s face. These two babes suck the men’s cocks in different positions and they share a dick while having their twats licked and fingered. One doll suck the tool that just was in the other babe’s crack while she is nailed from behind. Akari and Hikari are fucked in diverse positions, with the guys changing the places. Both gals get even more aroused watching each other’s pussy being screwed so hard. They ride one fellow’s mouth and dick same time while kissing each other. When one woman is fucked on and on, she licks the twat of her girlfriend. One next to another, Akari and Hikari are pumped in their crack so much, while their big boobs shake without any control. When there is only one man fucking them, the babes can’t have enough of his cock! Hikari is the first one who gets cum in her pussy and Akari sucks the dick to clean it all. This dude fills the other slut’s cunt with a lot of sperm. Hikari also cleans the dong, sucking it. In the end, these two nasty dolls admit how good it was to be fucked like this.

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Japan HDV – Akari Asayiri And Hikari


Released: June 13, 2019

Akari Asayiri and Hikari talk about their holiday plans. Akari has a surprise for this holiday, but she doesn’t want to reveal it, yet. These two babes go to the bath where they compliment their panties. The compliments continue when they enter the water. Akari and Hikari talk about sexy, boyfriends and going out to have a drink. They talk a lot about how they prefer to have sex, if they are passive or dominant and about other spicy sexual things. Akari touches her girlfriend’s boobs, making the nipples hard. The more she touches the tits, the more she wants to feel them. Akari loves these boobies because they are soft and big. She asks Hikari to show how she touches herself when she wants to feel pleasure. She fondles her boobs and has them touches by Akari with the same moves. Akari asks Hikari to kiss her and after Hikari does it, barely touching the lips, Akari says that she wants a real kiss. These two hot women kiss with passion and Hikari has her nipples sucked and rubbed. More, her hairy pussy is gently touched and the labia are spread. Akari slowly rubs Hikari’s clit and then she asks permission to taste the pussy. Out of the bath, on the floor, these babes have so much pleasure rubbing one slit of the other one. They feel so good, rubbing each other’s twats that they cum the same time! Hikari admits that sometimes is good to do it with a girl.

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