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Fake Taxi – Alice Judge


Alice Judge – Alice in Interracial DP Wonderland
Released: January 5, 2020

Alice Judge called me up and asked me “John, can you find me a big black cock to take in the arse?” I would be remiss to deny a beautiful blonde with big tits the pleasure she so desires, so I called up my mate Antonio, and told him I had a surprise for him. I picked him up, then scooped Alice, and she was dressed the proper slut. She got in the backseat, and was sucking his cock by the time I looked back! I pulled over and joined them, then Alice wanked us while Antonio fingered her pussy, and I pinched her massive tits. We took turns fucking her mouth, her pussy, and then her arse. Alice let us do whatever we wanted to her, and then took Antonio’s load on her face. After he had finished, I fucked her while she was covered in cum, then unloaded the Bishop all over her body!

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Brazzers Exxtra – Alice Judge


Alice Judge – Fucking Season In The Backcountry
Released: July 22, 2019

Danny D is ready to embark on his backcountry excursion in the ZZ National Park, but first he must heed the warnings of a stern Park Ranger, who cautious him that he’ll be hiking and camping in close proximity to wild, untamed pornstars – who happen to be in the midst of rutting season. After a lesson in safety protocol, Danny hikes into the backcountry and has his first close encounter with a pornstar, who happens to be the sexy and extremely horny Alice Judge. A narrow escape puts Danny on edge, and things only escalate when he finally sets up his camp.

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Pascals Subsluts – Alice Judge


Filesize: 941 MB

So we ended up doing things a bit differently this week. There is no solo vid for Alice Judge on Tuesday because two-thirds through shooting the solo vid we decided just to roll it straight into the fuck vid. So on Tuesday you’re going to get our usual BTS photoshoot vid and then on Thursday, the fuck scene basically kicks off with the solo vid. Good. So that’s sorted.

I don’t know what to say about Alice’s shoot really. It doesn’t really work, which is always a shame (and happily doesn’t happen that often). But hey, if you like the look of her, and she is indeed a striking woman, then doubtless you’ll have a jolly time watching her getting fucked. I hope so.

Next week we’ve got the first of the six shoots we did on our return to Las Vegas a few weeks ago. It stars the volcanically voracious London River, who was kind enough to admit afterwards that it was one of the five best shoots she’d ever done. So that’s something to look forward to.

Here’s what we got up to Alice Judge:

– Vaginal fucking- Physical & verbal domination- Deepthroat & face-fucking- Face-slapping & spitting- Choking- Spanking- Masturbation- Toy- Cumshot (CIM)

Thanks for watching. See you next week.


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Big Tits At Work – Alice Judge


Alice Judge – Internally Yours
Released: March 11, 2019

Alice Judge meets her new intern, Danny D, and she’s delighted by the sight of her potential new office boy toy. Danny, however, is all business, and doesn’t even notice when she flaunts her tits and ass in her face. Alice thinks she’s lost her touch, but when it’s 5:00 and the work day is done, her productive intern switches gears from business, to pleasure! Looks like Alice has found the perfect intern afterall!

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