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Nubiles – Alya Stark


Alya Stark – Sweet Sensations
Released: February 10, 2020

Always ready to get naked and have a good time with her talented hands making magic in her greedy twat, Alya Stark is the kind of hot and horny babe we love to feature. Shaking that booty and fondling those breasts is just the warmup act for this sleek and sexy coed!

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Sneaky Sex – Alya Stark And Azure Angel


Alya Stark And Azure Angel – Sneaky Lesbian Workout
Released: January 31, 2020

Gyms – the sexiest places on earth. Barely any clothing, sweating, swole bodies – it’s no surprise people will go out of their way to have sex there, even if it means risking your relationship. Such is the case with the beautiful brunette Azure Angel when she and her boyfriend hit the gym. But it’s not the boyfriend she’ll be fucking. Their trainer, Alya Stark, an incredible European goddess seduces her by touching Azure’s ass and tits while she helps her stretch. These wild European girls start making out with their titties out, with the boyfriend in the room! Alya takes Azure somewhere slightly more private and eats her pussy. The girls fuck – scissoring, pussy licking and fingering – until they’ve got a solid workout. And the boyfriend? He’s none the wiser.

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Viv Thomas – Alya Stark And Sybil A


Alya Stark And Sybil A – Play Time
Released: January 30, 2020

Cute brunettes Alya Stark and Sybil A take a sexy shower together, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “Play Time” begins. Green-eyed beauty Sybil smiles naughtily as Alya caresses her gorgeous breasts, then pins her against the wall and kisses her passionately. Sybil dresses up in a man’s shirt and tie while Alya puts on black lingerie and stockings, ready for their next erotic game. Sybil is eager to undress her sweetheart, watching their reflection in the full-length mirror as they move together sensuously. She kneels to lick Alya’s shaved pussy and tight asshole from behind, making her moan with excitement. Turning her around, she resumes her avid pussy-eating, driving her girlfriend to a powerful orgasm. Now Alya sucks Sybil’s stiff nipples and rubs her inside her lace panties, before pulling them down and nuzzling her neat bush. She spreads Sybil’s thighs and laps at her clit, coaxing her to boiling point with her talented tongue and then fingerbanging her to an intense climax.

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Immoral Live – Alya Stark


Beautiful Newcomer Alya Stark Gets Fed Cum by a Man Twice Her Age
Released: January 28, 2020

Petite teen Alya Stark fucks a man twice her age and cums hard. She performs a great blowjob and cowgirl and she laps the cum out of his hand after he blows his load.

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Nubile Films – Alya Stark And Mia Evans


Alya Stark And Mia Evans – Forbidden Pleasures
Released: January 4, 2020

A hot red body suit clings to Alya Stark’s curves as she checks herself out in the mirror. Meanwhile, Alya’s girlfriend, Mia Evans, settles into a warm bath and watches Alya preen. When Alya is satisfied, she struts over to join Mila by the tub.

Lingerie may be sexy when it’s on a girl’s body, but there’s nothing hotter than when it comes off. Mia watches with greedy eyes as Alya strips and then joins her in the water. The girls exchange a deep kiss, but what Alya really wants is an orgasm. When Alya climbs onto the edge of the tub and spreads her thighs, Mia is happy to oblige the silent request.

Crawling on her hands and knees through the water, Mia settles between Alya’s thighs. Her tongue flicks out to lap the dewy beads from Alya’s smooth pussy. When Alya makes it clear that she wants more, Mia dives deeper to indulge in a full blown pussy feast. It only takes a few minutes for Mia to bring Alya to the swift climax that she’s been chasing. From there, the girls settle in for a more intimate encounter.

Guiding Mia out of the tub with a deep kiss, Alya gently urges her girlfriend to the ground. When Mia has laid back, Alya crawls between her parted legs. Lapping delicately at Mia’s clit, Alya enjoys the flavor of her lover’s musk. Her hands roam Mia’s lower body, caressing her belly and tickling her inner thighs as she works Mia’s passion to new heights.

Crawling further up Mia’s body and abandoning her pussy feast, Alya replaces her mouth with her magic fingers. They slide up and down Mia’s bare twat, spreading her juices everywhere. Then they press deep, giving Mia finger banging penetration that leaves her gasping from the force of her orgasm.

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Viv Thomas – Alya Stark And Blue Angel


Alya Stark And Blue Angel – Runaway Girl 2
Released: December 5, 2019

Gorgeous blonde Blue Angel is completely entranced by sexy brunette Alya Stark, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “Runaway Girl” begins. Blue was introduced to this intriguing beauty by her mysterious lover Liv Revamped at the end of part one, and they get better acquainted in the bathroom of the nightclub, kissing passionately. Blue sucks Alya’s perky breasts until her nipples are hard as diamonds, then pulls down her tight pants and begins to lick her shaved pussy. Alya moans with pleasure, fondling and squeezing her boobs as Blue eats her skilfully, then stands to kiss her hungrily as she rubs her clit, driving her wild. Alya dresses hastily and the girls hurry back to her place to continue what they started, Blue lapping and sucking Alya’s clit voraciously, spreading her juicy slit open with her talented tongue. Peeling off her jeans, Blue straddles Alya’s pretty face to get her pussy eaten, her excitement building rapidly. She turns around into a sixty-nine, Alya licking her to an intense orgasm and receiving one in return. This time it’s Blue’s turn to be the runaway…

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Viv Thomas – Aislin And Alya Stark


Aislin And Alya Stark – Ride With Me
Released: November 15, 2019

Sexy blonde Aislin is out on her bicycle, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “Ride With Me” begins. When she stops on a railway bridge to fix her faulty bike chain, cute passerby Alya Stark offers to help, and the two hotties strike up an instant rapport. Back at Alya’s place, Aislin takes off her panties while her new friend fetches her toolbox. The sweet green-eyed brunette is surprised to get a flash of Aislin’s bare pussy, but returns her spontaneous kiss eagerly, and shivers with pleasure when Aislin pulls down her top to bare her beautiful breasts and sucks her stiff nipples, then slides a hand into her tiny shorts. Soon Aislin has the shorts off and is sucking on the puffy pink folds of Alya’s shaved pussy, and then easing a finger inside to frig her to a powerful climax. Now the busty blonde straddles Alya’s face to get her shaved pussy eaten. As Alya laps at her clit voraciously, her boobs bounce hypnotically while she shudders with pleasure. She dismounts and lies back with her thighs spread wide as Alya drives her to an intense orgasm.

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Viv Thomas – Alya Stark And Kira Queen


Alya Stark And Kira Queen – Lucky Break
Released: October 29, 2019

Cute Alya Stark is out driving with busty Kira Queen when their car breaks down on a remote country road. As Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “Lucky Break” begins, the girls go in search of water; on an impulse, playful Alya sprays it over her friend, turning her skimpy white top transparent. To Alya’s delight, the voluptuous raven-haired beauty takes off her top to reveal her huge breasts, and they kiss eagerly, glancing around to make sure there’s nobody to see them. Kira takes off her shorts and sits on a picnic table with her thighs apart so Alya can lick her shaved pussy, making her moan with the pleasurable sensations. She pulls down Alya’s pretty summer dress to expose her perky boobs, then strips off her panties too, kissing her voraciously. Slipping a hand between her legs, she starts to stroke Alya’s pussy, then lifts the petite sweetie’s hips up to her mouth so she can eat her shaved slot. Kira fingerbangs Alya until she’s gasping, then eats her to an intense orgasm. Now Alya is hungry to repay the favor, rubbing and lapping at Kira’s clit and frigging her to a powerful climax.

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The White Boxxx – Alya Stark


Released: October 22, 2019

Alya Stark loves being carried on hands, caressed and fucked hard but passionately. After a wet blowjob Max Dior lays her down on her back and eats her pussy before putting his big dick inside of her. Alya Stark enjoys sex so much that she starts shivering, getting closer and closer to climax. After riding the big dick she jerks it until Max ejaculates in her open mouth and on the pretty face.

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