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Amai Liu – Big Dick Cuckold Blowjob With Petite Asian
Released: November 30, 2018

Your girlfriend Amai is a bit fed up with you and thinks it’s about time for a talk. She explains she hasn’t just been going out with her friends at night…she’s been busy sucking a “real man’s cock! Amai tells you that you’ll never ever have her again and as bad as that seems it just gets more harsh from there She’s been cheating on you and doing way dirtier things than she would ever do with you with other guys. And before you know it she is taking off some dude’s pants and sucking dick :O But not just sucking dick…she’s doing it in a better more passionate way than she ever gave you! She points out right away that it’s way bigger than yours. Then she tells you that she’s been fucking guys in your bed while you were at work and then she laughs to herself at you when you have to sleep on the dirty sheets. You want to look away, but you cant! She starts sucking on the head as she keeps jerking the guy’s cock into her mouth.She sucks nice and hard. Not TOO hard. But hard enough to where there’s a sexy loud “POP” sound every time her mouth comes off the cock. Amai tells you that you will remember this as another man’s cum dribbles down her chin!

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