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Porn Mega Load – Amber Dawn


Amber Dawn – Amber Makes A Mans Day
Released: January 30, 2020

“I’m so excited,” 43-year-old Amber Dawn says. “Look what just came in the mail. A special gift for me.”

A special gift? Yes, a fuck machine!

“I have never used one of these,” Amber says, “and I’ve been wanting to so badly because I am so turned-on all the time, and there’s never enough cock for me. I love it. I can fuck myself as hard or fast or as often as I want, and I can use different toys. Let’s see how this works.”


“Nice and slow at first,” she says. “This is like having my very own man robot. Can we see how fast it goes? Oh, yeah! Crank it for me!”

Yeah, we’ll crank it for you, Amber, especially when you’re wearing revealing lingerie that shows off your tits and that big, round, luscious ass. Amber is one hot redhead (oh, by the way, she’s a wife and mom, too).

Amber fucks that fuck machine and the machine fucks her back. She cums hard. Our favorite part is when she gets on all fours so the machine can fuck her from behind while she spreads her ass cheeks.

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Porn Mega Load – Amber Dawn


Amber Dawn – Ambers Anatomy Lesson
Released: January 8, 2020

“I love to cook and wear skimpy, sexy slips and tease my husband all day and worship his cock and wiggle my ass,” said Amber Dawn, a 43-year-old hot wife from San Francisco. “I like to talk dirty and tell him how hot I am for him and that I want my pussy licked. Then he rubs my whole body with oil and massages me and eats me out.”

Amber, a sexy redhead with a curvy body and a great ass, knows what she wants.

Unfortunately, not all young guys know what they want or how to treat a woman. So she’s here today to teach them. She’s a tutor.

“You’re failing human anatomy. That’s why your parents hired me,” Amber Dawn says.

She asks some questions:

“What is the longest bone in the human body?”

The boner?

“What do I have to do to get you to pay attention?”

Take out your tits and show us that big, beautiful ass and your shaved pussy?

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Porn Mega Load – Amber Dawn


Amber Dawn – J O Encouragement
Released: November 27, 2019

In the photo version of this scene, 43-year-old Amber Dawn shows what a housewife from the San Francisco Bay Area does when she has some alone time in the kitchen: She fucks herself with a dildo.

In the video version, sexy, curvy, red-haired Amber Dawn is wearing an apron over her bikini and very short shorts, so short that her ass cheeks are on display.

“What are you doing?” she says to you. “Young man, did you clean up your room? You’re just gonna stand there and watch me? I mean, you are cute and you have a very nice body. If that room isn’t up to my standards, I’m going to have to show you who’s in charge here.”

Show us, Amber Dawn!

She leads you up to your room. It’s a mess. She’s not happy, and then she sees a bra.

“Are you bringing girls back here?” she says. “This is unacceptable. I’m very disappointed in you. What are we gonna do with you?”

She looks under the bed.

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Porn Mega Load – Amber Dawn


Amber Dawn And Her Many Toys
Released: October 9, 2019

“I am pretty discreet in real life, but my close friends and parents know what I do,” said Amber Dawn, a 43-year-old wife from the San Francisco Bay Area. “I don’t think they would be surprised to see me here, although I don’t think most strangers would imagine that I got on a plane to have sex with a man I’d never met, on film. I love having naughty secrets.”

What Amber’s doing this week at can be our naughty secret. Today, this beautiful redhead is demonstrating her blow job skills on one of her many toys, ripping open her pantyhose so she can get to her wet pussy as quickly as possible and fucking herself with a multi-colored dildo. Tomorrow, she’s going to have sex with a man she’d never met, and he’s young enough to be her son.

“I do sometimes have sex with other men and women while my husband films it,” Amber Dawn said. “I’m not technically a swinger, but I did go to a swingers party once and had sex with my BFF and a hot woman while everyone watched.…

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