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Amber Dawn And Her Many Toys
Released: October 9, 2019

“I am pretty discreet in real life, but my close friends and parents know what I do,” said Amber Dawn, a 43-year-old wife from the San Francisco Bay Area. “I don’t think they would be surprised to see me here, although I don’t think most strangers would imagine that I got on a plane to have sex with a man I’d never met, on film. I love having naughty secrets.”

What Amber’s doing this week at can be our naughty secret. Today, this beautiful redhead is demonstrating her blow job skills on one of her many toys, ripping open her pantyhose so she can get to her wet pussy as quickly as possible and fucking herself with a multi-colored dildo. Tomorrow, she’s going to have sex with a man she’d never met, and he’s young enough to be her son.

“I do sometimes have sex with other men and women while my husband films it,” Amber Dawn said. “I’m not technically a swinger, but I did go to a swingers party once and had sex with my BFF and a hot woman while everyone watched.…

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