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Porn Mega Load – Anastasia Blake: Meet Anastasia


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New Discovery Anastasia Blake has 36DD-cups. She saw our website while surfing the Net and had a friend snap several test shots for studio evaluation. The Ohio technician has both a boyfriend and a girlfriend. That means she has no shortage of competition when she plays her Wii Sports Resort at home. The gizmo Anastasia is pumping up in this Voluptuous Theater video is made by Doc Johnson, not Nintendo, just for the record. Anastasia wears a bra “Anytime I go anywhere or when I have company, but most of the time when I’m just relaxing at home, I go bra-less.” Which makes playing electronic games with Anastasia more enjoyable from a visual standpoint with her 36DD flesh puppies. “I’m usually in scrubs because I’m usually out after work. But when I’m actually going out I wear nice jeans and a tight top, a tank top in summer, a sweater in winter, and always some sort of nice shoes. I have a huge love of shoes. I have more shoes than bras.”.

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