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My Sisters Hot Friend – Andreina Deluxe


Released: March 16, 2020

Andreina Deluxe is staying with a friend while abroad when her friend’s parents decide to take them all on a trip, including Andreina. Well her friend’s brother, Tyler, has a thing for her. Luckily she has a thing for him as well and they hook up while on vacation.

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Family Strokes – Andreina Deluxe


Andreina Deluxe – Perky Tits Are Perfect
Released: January 2, 2020

Raven haired beauty Andreina Deluxe really wants a set of big titties, but no matter what she does, her perky cute ones will not seem to grow. Little does she know, her loving stepbrother thinks that her tits are absolutely perfect the way they are. Andreina wants a little reassurance, so she shows her stepbro her boobs to find out if they have grown at all. He caresses them, and her pussy gets soaking wet. That gets her going, and she climbs on top of her stepbro and lets her thicc assfat jiggle as she rides him, creating all kinds of orgasmic friction. This Latina babe has some serious junk in the trunk, and we would not want it any other way!

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New Sensations – Andreina Deluxe


Andreina Deluxe – Something Very Special For Andreina
Released: November 8, 2019

Andreina and her husband enjoy new adventures every first Friday of the month. Today he has aligned friend Steve to show some restraint with a few straps he has to make sure Andreina has a great orgasm. But, even better is how well she accepts his cock anally!

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Hard X – Andreina Deluxe


Andreina Deluxe – Big Assed Latina
Released: July 26, 2019

Curvy Colombian, Andreina Deluxe, is ready for all anal. This Latina beauty with her gigantic ass brings you an oil tease with epic booty flattering positions. Including face sitting and ass worshiping it doesn’t get hotter than this!

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My Dirty Maid – Andreina Deluxe


Andreina Deluxe – Juicy Ass Maid Andreina
Released: June 11, 2019

The place was a mess after last nights party so I called the cleaning service. They sent Columbian beauty Andreina Deluxe. This girl was really pretty with long flowing hair past her waist. She was wearing a cute summer dress and had a warm and sexy smile. She began cleaning and when she was squatting on the floor I could see up the dress and also when she bent over to clean a table, the bottom part of her ass was showing. We couldn’t tell at first, but she had a juicy ass. After some back and forth flirting, I finally offered her some money to lose the dress. It didn’t take much convincing. She had very nice perky tits and now I could see she did have a big round booty. As she continued cleaning, I got so fucking horny, I took my big dick out and started stroking. Initially she was taken aback but then I could tell she was impressed and curious. I asked if she could help me out and put her hand on my cock. Then she was totally into it, she sucked my big cock real good.Then I fucked her hard as she moaned in pleasure. I finished her off with a giant load all over her pretty face.

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The Fucking Clinic – Andreina DeLuxe: Andreina: dat vagina


Filesize: 538 MB

Andreina Deluxe visits the clinic of Doctor Moreno, one of the gynecologists with the best reputation in our country. Once there, he applies his famous method to cure sore vaginas. First, he will taste her pussy just like he would do a wine tasting. After that, he will thoroughly lubricate that hole with his infallible huge cock. The result is an amazing fuck on the stretcher.

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