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Annabelle Rogers – Ripe Juicy And Succulent
Released: August 10, 2019

A trip with Annabelle Rogers to the fruit section of a supermarket must be an unforgettable experience. Juicy and succulent Annabelle has a selection of fruit to examine: bananas, cherries, cantaloupes, strawberries and apples plus a can of whipped cream. Watch and enjoy as Annabelle turns herself into a shapely human dessert.

“I really like how I can turn a guy on with just my boobs, plus we can look at each other while we’re doing it. It’s very intimate,” said Annabelle, Voluptuous covergirl (January 2019).

“I love missionary. I like putting my legs over his shoulders. I know exactly the position where I can cum. And again with missionary, it can be very rough or very softcore. It’s just the good, classic position. We can kiss, we can do boob-play, we can look each other in the eyes.”

Annabelle talked about sex with more than one partner.

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Porn Mega Load – Annabelle Rogers Is Irresistible


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It’s been touted that looking at big tits lowers the male IQ by a considerable number of points. Annabelle Rogers is here to provide the scientific proof of that. Annabelle does the titty dance in and out of her bra and tight blue dress. She can easily suck and kiss her own nipples. Her bouncing and clapping make you dizzy. As this blonde bombshell makes these magnificent moves, some of them recorded in slow motion, Annabelle’s sweet, sexy voice seduces you. Annabelle is a multi-faceted woman. She can get sweet and girl-next-door, she can be dominant with a female and she can be submissive with her man. “I really like public humiliation. That’s one thing I really enjoy.

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