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BCM – April Snow


April Snow – Has Dreamed Of Isiahs BBC
Released: February 28, 2020

April Snow has fantasized about fucking Isiah Maxwells big black cock. Watching his porn she has wished to feel that cock deep in her pussy and deep down her throat. She gets her wish and Isiah treats her just how she wants; with her legs spread wide and his face deep in her wet pussy! She loves how his tongue flicks over her clit and just wants to feel that cock fucking her hard and rough. Isiah picks her up holding her legs wide while filling that pussy with his cock. April loves being carried around while Isiahs black cock pummels her pussy deeper and deeper! Now all she needs is to taste that wonderful cum when he fills up her mouth!

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All Girl Massage – Riley Reyes And April Snow


Riley Reyes And April Snow – The Layover
Released: February 3, 2020

Riley Reyes and April Snow are two flight attendants trying to unwind before the next leg of their trip. April is especially stressed because she’s working a new route with a new crew for the first time. She’s so stressed that her whole body is tense, which Riley calls her out on. Unfortunately, when April tried to book a massage with the hotel, there was nothing available, so she has to tough it out… or so she thinks!

Riley is quick to offer a massage to help April relax during their layover. Although April’s a little embarrassed at first, she accepts the attention and begins melting under Riley’s skilled hands. Little does April know, with each knot worked out, Riley slowly becomes aroused. Eventually, Riley mixes the massage up and has April lay on her front. As Riley straddles her, the massage only gets all the more erotic until Riley finally teases April’s butt, insisting that she can make April even MORE relaxed!

April, all warm and flustered, is unable to resist, giving into temptation. The heat between them builds as they go from tasting each other’s lips to each other’s pussies. As they both work out the tension they’ve been holding onto it, it looks like this is one layover they’ll never forget!

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Girls Way – Kristen Scott And April Snow


Kristen Scott And April Snow – Thrill Her
Released: October 31, 2019

Kristen Scott and her friend, April Snow, step inside of a dark, abandoned building together. Kristen is really into urban exploration and is the leader while April is much more timid and clings onto her. Since April is so cute and easy to scare, Kristen can’t help but to have a little fun…

As they explore, April is so jumpy that it doesn’t take much for Kristen to get her going. When she pretends to hear or see something, April clings to her for dear life, believing that the place is haunted. But when April wants to make a run for it, Kristen continues to encourage her to stick around as they check out the abandoned furniture. Once they find a bed, they flop down and make themselves comfortable.

Now the time for fun and games is over as Kristen becomes more serious. She’s been trying to hit on April for weeks now and wants to know if April feels the same way. April is shocked, insisting that she’s not a lesbian, although she admits that she DOES think Kristen’s pretty… It’s just that she’s never been with a girl before! So Kristen offers to change that for her…

Kristen eases April into it by sucking on her breasts, though it’s not long before her tongue is buried within April’s pussy. As they enjoy themselves to the fullest, all of April’s fears disappear. After the adrenaline’s worn off, will she still have the courage to embrace this new side of herself?

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Sneaky Sex – April Snow


April Snow – Aprils No Fool
Released: October 10, 2019

Oh, unrequited lust. Is there an older story than that? Whether it’s a king and his consort or a boyfriend and his girlfriend, man has always been driven by the desires of his dick over his heart. When Logan’s girlfriend rebuffs his morning wood, he finds her sister, April Snow, waiting patiently in the kitchen to give him the attention he needs. Red lingerie, silk robe, eager lips, wet panties… April has everything he needs. And she would never let her boyfriend’s balls turn blue. Not like her prude sister. She milks out every last drop.

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Gangbang Creampie – April Snow


G232 – April Snow – BTS
Released: September 20, 2019

All killer, no filler this week as we cut straight to GREET THE MEAT for April’s behind-the-scenes footage. It begins with some small tragedy, reminiscent of “Something About Mary” as Chris gets his frank and beans caught in his zipper. Ouch! No fun facts this…

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