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Monster Curves – Aryana Adin


Aryana Adin – Stretching Aryana
Released: January 7, 2020

Is there anything better than a beautiful black woman in clinging tight purple workout gear? I mean, obviously a couple things, but it’s up there. And Aryana looks absolutely stunning. Ricky comes over for a “special” training session involving squeezing her amazingly pillow-like tits between her arms, lift her legs high in the air to get those pelvic muscle aching and…. Sliding his cock between those pouty thick lips?! With the proper wording and signals, Aryana gets this trainer to work on what REALLY deserves attentions. Yeah, muscles and flexibility and chi or whatever. Deep tissue. But what about Aryana’s deeper needs? Ricky can hit just the right spots.

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Pornstars Like It Big – Aryana Adin


Aryana Adin – Focus On Your Body
Released: December 11, 2019

The hot Aryana Adin is a new age yoga teacher who believes the most important lesson her students can learn is to “focus on your body” and ignore distractions. During this class, Aryana gives her students a concrete example of this, by showing that she can still focus on her yoga while being fucked by teaching assistant Xander Corvus at the same time.

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Milfs Like It Big – Aryana Adin


Aryana Adin – Hot Tub Hopping
Released: August 18, 2019

Robby Echo’s adventurous girlfriend has decided that in order to spice up their love life, they should head out and take a walk on the wild side… How? Hot Tub Hopping of course! However, Aryana Adin, the owner of the house, is right around the corner watching them fool around in her hot tub. When Aryana confronts the two love birds, Robby’s girlfriend flees the scene, leaving Robby all alone with Aryana. Instead of pressing charges, Aryana thinks of a more suitable punishment for this sexy risk taker…

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Brown Bunnies – Aryana Adin And Ashley Aleigh


Aryana Adin And Ashley Aleigh – I Fucked My Stepmom’s New Boyfriend
Released: August 9, 2019

Ashley comes into the kitchen and finds her stepmom Aryana hugging Rob, her new boyfriend, Ashley is horny and she likes Rob so while she hugs her mom, she asks Rob to please fuck her. He is shocked, Aryana has to take a call and steps to the back, then Ashley continues seducing Rob, she flirts, rubs his cock until he decides to fuck her right there before Aryana finishes her call, but they get caught. For Ashley and Rob surprise Aryana decides to join them, so Robs gets a double bj then they move to the leaving room where Rob pounds Ashley and Aryana switching them back and forward in different positions until he cums all over their faces.

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Round And Brown – Aryana Adin


Aryana Adin – Ass In Charge
Released: July 31, 2019

Aryana Adin is fertility made manifest. Overflowing breasts that any man (or woman) would love to use as pillows. Thick ass and thighs that save lives with their beauty and bounce. And that smile – holy hell THAT SMILE. It’s no surprise that she’s picky with who she surrounds herself with. Luckily, Alex Legend makes the cut for an interview. Aryana welcomes him in a tight fighting blazer and skirt, barely containing her ebony goodness. Let’s see how well he does, shall we?

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Brown Bunnies – Aryana Adin


Aryana Adin – Looking For Some Brown Sugar
Released: June 28, 2019

Aryanna’s neighbor came over to borrow some sugar. Since she wouldn’t come to the door, he decided to sneak in. He ended up bitting more than he could chew. Inside he found Aryana naked in the shower. He spied on her for a little bit but eventually got a bit too carried away. She discovered him and got right in his face. From there, she pushed him down and made him eat her pussy. Thinks escalated quickly from there, and soon Aryana was getting fucked by her neighbor in several different positions. It all culminated with a giant load all over Aryana’s face and mouth.

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Round And Brown – Layton Benton And Aryana Adin


Layton Benton And Aryana Adin – Thicc And Juicy
Released: June 5, 2019

LISTEN UP, ROUND AND BROWN FANS. Do you like ’em thick? Like, EXTRA THICC? Do you like ’em juicy? Do you like it when they’re shakin’ it’s the same as quakin’ those cheeks? Aryana and Layton are bouncing into your summer thoughts like two fertile ebony goddesses, ready to suffocate you in their thick thighs and gorgeous soft tits. You’d think you died and went to RB heaven… Oil, sun, and buns you could use as a pillow. Fuck. You’re not ready for this.

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