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Exploited College Girls – Ashely


Added: May 11, 2017

A 20 year old skinny girl from Texas with big fake tits who loves sex? Yes, please. To the fake-tits haters, calm down, ok? This real life nympho made a choice to boost her fuckability by getting bigger tits. She wants to get us guys hard. A young girl that goes and gets bigger tits to please men should be applauded for her effort, not lambasted. So we don’t wanna hear any bitching from the “ooooh they’re not naturally huge tits, I can’t fap to this”-brigade. If you can’t fap to Ash’s cock pleasing skills because her tits are too big, that’s sad. Now, moving on.
Ashely. Ashly. Ashely. Throughout the entire process of finding – prepping – shooting – editing this girl, the spelling of her name changed several times. Once we put a girl’s name into the system, that’s how it’s stuck forever though. And that spelling is Ashely. turns out, she wanted her pornstar name to be Ashly. Oh well. And what a great pornstar she’ll make if she decides to do more of this jizz biz nastiness. She’s committed to being single for now. She does have a Friend With Benefits but otherwise doesn’t want to be tied down by a relationship right now. No, it’s all about fun and pushing her own boundaries right now. That’s where we come in – thankfully. This girl has no qualms sucking and fucking TC in the car, before she even gets her tiny butt to the hotel. Watch her pussy cream up when TC fucks her on the back seat and you’ll get an idea of where this is going. Ash loves the cock, and we can tell. Totally. As if getting big tits from the Boobs R Us store wasn’t evidence enough, it won’t take a genius to observe Ashley’s enthusiasm for sex and cock and cumming. So it’s no surprise to learn that she’s eager to do more porn shoots soon. When we hear that shit, we immediately book her for another shoot after this one. We pair her up with superhottie Olivia. Yes, already done. That threeway is smoking. Depending on when you read this, it may already be up on ExCoGi. Regardless, THIS page is all about Ashley/Ashly/Ashely. So enjoy.

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