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Puta Locura – Barbie Tetona


Released: May 30, 2019

We are visited again by this Venezuelan hot passionate: Busty Barbie. This lusty girl wanted to screw around with me and for the occasion I put her a hat a bit freak to have sex with her. Barbie is a bit shy at the beginning, but as soon as she puts my little fella in her mouth, it’s a non-stop, how she sucks! And fucking is not far behind, this girl is a machine in bed and the truth is that she nailed me, first to the sofa, and then to the mattress. What she like the most is to tickle me, and that makes me scream, sex with Barbie is LOL. In the end I throw all the cum in her mouth, you can not miss it!

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Puta Locura – Barbie Tetona


Released: May 8, 2019

A fiery and curvy Latina comes to visit us with some tits that defy gravity: Busty Barbie. This wench asked me how she could do to start in the stormy world of porn and then had her in front of me jerking off mi cock. The truth is that she has a mouth made to suck and infarct curves. First I mount her from behind and then she rides me in turn in one of the funniest screw scenes that you can see on this website, because the gallet does not stop tickling me while she fucks me passionately and could not avoid falling into a real state of LOL. In the end, with my hair like crazy, I throw all the cum in her mouth. Long live the Bolivarianal revolusion!

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