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Jim Slip – Belle Ohara: Pink Panty Fuckfest


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Luckily for me my wife Lara Latex took the camcorder from my aching hands & allowing me to get to grips with the lovely Belle without the annoying impediment. I’m afraid this week we have a PCMMCF scene. “Partially Clothed male & mostly clothed female,” previously never seen apart from in Victorian times, but I, Jim Slip, have brought it back as I believe there is nothing sexier than a girl being ravished still wearing her clothes, so sex crazed & debauched that her tights & panties have to be torn to shreds in order to gain access. Belle proved to be extremely rampant as is the way of most li…

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Jim Slip – Belle Ohara: Pink Panty Pandemonian

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This week we have the beautiful Belle taking time out from her toil as a Librarian to engage in some high jinx with yours truly. She arrived at the door bearing an enormous & priceless antique Bible she had borrowed from work. Being a custodian of religious texts, Belle thought I might have been interested in such an artifact. Although impressed, I was far more interested in what she was wearing! A short pleated skirt! Black tights! Blue jumper and all finished off with her top button done up! My eyes popped out on springs, I didn’t need a bible, I was already in Heaven! Belle seemed to have e…

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