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The Life Erotic – Bernie


Bernie – Panty Stuffing 2
Released: March 13, 2018

Cute Latvian blonde Bernie indulges her underwear fetish in this erotically charged movie. We find her in a shadowy room, on a bed covered in burlap sack-cloth with ropes nearby, hinting at her kinky nature. She’s wearing an off-the-shoulder sweater through which her perky, medium-sized breasts are partly visible, and a pair of white panties with bows and pale-pink edging. Her makeup is natural and her hair is caught up in a high ponytail. She caresses her body and rubs her pussy through her panty-crotch – her fingernails are manicured a matching snowy white – then she eases her fingertips inside of the stretchy fabric. Next, she has both hands in her underwear, eyes shut and an ecstatic expression on her face. She pulls her panties aside, exposing her shaved pussy as she plays with it, then removes them as she rolls onto her side and reaches behind to finger her snatch from another angle. Her panties are beside her on the bed, discarded for now but within reach, and she gets on all fours, sliding a hand between her legs. Her pussy is visibly juiced up as she circles a fingertip over her clit, but that’s not enough to satisfy her. She grabs her panties and sucks on them, tasting her own wetness, then rubs them against her slit, soaking them as she builds up more friction. She works them against her clit, edging them closer to her pussy-hole, then she feeds them right inside of it. Taking deep breaths, she pushes them in and, although they slip out again, she gets a little more inside of herself each time. She pauses, on the brink of orgasm, then as she begins to cum, she pulls them out slowly, prolonging her climax. Breathless and spent, she rolls on her side and drifts off to sleep, caressing her body as the picture turns to black…

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