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A Girl Knows – Blue Angel And Romy Indy


Released: February 22, 2020

Gorgeous blonde girl Blue Angel wakes up early in the morning and she is horny. She goes to the bed where her girlfriend Romy Indy is sleeping. She wakes her up, and the horny lesbians kiss and eat pussy as a lusty breakfast. These sensual girls use finger and toys to give themselves intense orgasms.

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Clips, Lesbians

Viv Thomas – Alyssa Reece, Blue Angel And Dolly Diore


Alyssa Reece, Blue Angel And Dolly Diore – The Escort
Released: February 21, 2020

Gorgeous girlfriends Alyssa Reece and Blue Angel want to bring a third person into their relationship. As Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “The Escort” begins, they choose the girl they would like to spend time with. Blue is in the bathtub when stunning Dolly Diore arrives, and she watches avidly as Alyssa greets her with a passionate kiss. Busty Dolly takes off her coat to reveal sexy lingerie and stockings, then pulls off Blue’s towel and sucks her stiff nipples, making her gasp with arousal. Undressing Alyssa and positioning the naked girls beside each other, Dolly switches between their pussies, licking and fingering them as they kiss and touch each other. She moves Blue on top of Alyssa so she can lick the blonde’s tight asshole while she fingerbangs the brunette’s soaked pussy, driving them both to fever pitch. Pinning Alyssa’s legs by her head, Blue begins to eat her shaved pussy while Dolly licks her asshole, until she’s overwhelmed by an intense orgasm. Now it’s Blue’s turn to be the center of attention, Dolly lapping at her clit while Alyssa sucks her puffy nipples until she cums with a wail of ecstasy. They are glowing with satiety as Dolly leaves, so excited by the experience that Blue eats Alyssa to another powerful orgasm, then sits on her face and rides to another climax of her own.

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Fake Taxi – Blue Angel


Blue Angel – The Londoner in the Hungarian
Released: February 12, 2020

I picked up this blonde bird named Blue Angel who was heading to the centre of town. While the car warmed up, I asked where she was from. Blue was from Hungary, and being a Londoner myself, I figured two strangers in a strange land might want to get more acquainted. She had a boyfriend, and said she wasn’t a party girl, but every body has a price, don’t they? I offered her a 50% discount on her fare if she would show me her tits, and they were fan-fucking-tastic. I said hell, I’ll give you this ride for free, and another one to boot if you suck my dick. Blue accepted, and teased me with her arse as I found somewhere to pull over. I got in the backseat and she gave me a blowjob, then I fucked her tight pink pussy hardcore until I dropped my load inside her for a creampie.

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Rimming Ladies 5


Cast: Rebecca Black, Darcia Lee, Sofi Goldfinger, Blue Angel, Mary Rock, Kittina Clairette

Our rimming ladies return and this time they’re as hungry as ever and ready to show you the heights of true pleasure as they satisfy their appetites for any and all things below the waist! Cock or ass, our girls are masters of blowjobs and rimjobs alike and they will go to any lengths to get what they crave… So buckle up and get ready to explore your curiosity as Darcia Lee, Sofie Goldfinger, Rebecca Black, Blue Angel, Mary Rock and Kittina Clairette are all at your service, tongues and pussies at the ready right here in Private Specials Rimming Ladies 5, you won’t want to miss it!

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Private – Blue Angel


Blue Angel – MILF Eats It All
Released: January 20, 2020

The horny MILF Blue Angel has come to Private Specials, Rimming Ladies 5 and today this gorgeous teen is hungry for a little more than just cock! It doesn’t take long for Blue to pounce on the lucky Kai Taylor as she warms up with a blowjob before heading down further for a taste of ass. Watch as she puts her tongue to great use rimming her man whilst jerking him off before then being rewarded with a hard pounding as she rides, grinds and gets fucked in all her favourite positions, moaning and screaming until a cum filled facial.

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Viv Thomas – Alyssa Reece And Blue Angel


Alyssa Reece And Blue Angel – Erotic Autumn
Released: December 27, 2019

Gorgeous Blue Angel wakes in the arms of her girlfriend Alyssa Reese, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “Erotic Autumn” begins. She makes coffee and gazes out at the rain, daydreaming about the fun they had sightseeing the previous day. Alyssa awakens, and greets her sweetheart with a kiss, eager to spend the chilly day keeping each other warm. Their embrace grows passionate as Blue’s hands grab Alyssa’s sexy ass, and the horny brunette sucks her blonde lover’s beautiful puffy nipples avidly. Blue throws Alyssa onto the bed, lapping at her stiff nipples and going down to eat her pussy skilfully, coaxing her towards an orgasm that makes her squeal and shiver in ecstasy. Now Blue straddles Alyssa’s face to get her pussy licked, grinding against her girlfriend’s tongue until she cums noisily. She spins around into a sixty-nine, getting her tight asshole licked as she sucks and fingers Alyssa’s soaked slot. After another explosive orgasm each, the lovers are ready to spend all day cuddling and kissing.

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Clips, Lesbians

Viv Thomas – Alya Stark And Blue Angel


Alya Stark And Blue Angel – Runaway Girl 2
Released: December 5, 2019

Gorgeous blonde Blue Angel is completely entranced by sexy brunette Alya Stark, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “Runaway Girl” begins. Blue was introduced to this intriguing beauty by her mysterious lover Liv Revamped at the end of part one, and they get better acquainted in the bathroom of the nightclub, kissing passionately. Blue sucks Alya’s perky breasts until her nipples are hard as diamonds, then pulls down her tight pants and begins to lick her shaved pussy. Alya moans with pleasure, fondling and squeezing her boobs as Blue eats her skilfully, then stands to kiss her hungrily as she rubs her clit, driving her wild. Alya dresses hastily and the girls hurry back to her place to continue what they started, Blue lapping and sucking Alya’s clit voraciously, spreading her juicy slit open with her talented tongue. Peeling off her jeans, Blue straddles Alya’s pretty face to get her pussy eaten, her excitement building rapidly. She turns around into a sixty-nine, Alya licking her to an intense orgasm and receiving one in return. This time it’s Blue’s turn to be the runaway…

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Viv Thomas – Liv Revamped And Blue Angel


Liv Revamped And Blue Angel – Runaway Girl Episode 1
Released: November 12, 2019

Gorgeous blonde Blue Angel is playing tennis with Eve Angel, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “Runaway Girl” begins. When Sandra – making a cameo appearance – and sexy brunette Liv Revamped show up on court, Blue can’t resist flirting. Her game gets wild – look out for the legendary Viv Thomas himself in a cameo, returning her ball – and petite Liv acts on her attraction, sending a text message to make her feelings plain. As the game is finished, Liv returns to claim her kiss, pushing her new friend up against the wire fence of the tennis court and caressing her breasts. She teases Blue’s stiff nipples and slides a hand up her skirt to stroke her through her panties, then pulls them down and kneels to lick her puffy clit. Blue squirms and moans as Liv eats her to an intense orgasm. To Blue’s confusion, Liv abruptly walks away. A few days later, Blue decides to text her address to her runaway lover. She greets her in the bedroom, dressed up in sexy lingerie and stockings. The two beauties kiss hungrily, before Blue lavishes attention on Liv’s breasts, then tugs her panties aside and licks her pussy skilfully. She strips down to her stockings and straddles Liz in a sixty-nine, so they can eat each other to mutual bliss. Liz climaxes first, shuddering and gasping, and Blue sits on her face to ride to a powerful orgasm of her own. But Liz’s games are not over yet…

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Viv Thomas – Blue Angel And Miss Melissa


Blue Angel And Miss Melissa – Drenched
Released: October 18, 2019

Cute platinum blonde Miss Melissa is relaxing in the jacuzzi while stunning Blue Angel has fun in the pool, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “Drenched” begins. Angel surprises her girlfriend with a tender kiss, joining her in the water and embracing her passionately. She sucks Melissa’s stiffening nipples, turning her on, and strokes her smooth shaved pussy, spreading open her juicy pussy lips like exotic butterfly wings. Rubbing and licking Melissa’s clit, Angel uses all her oral skills to drive her to a powerful orgasm. Now the horny beauty sits on the edge of the tub with her thighs spread wide so Melissa can eat her soaked pussy, sucking her clit and lapping at her succulent slot. She turns over to let her girlfriend eat her from behind, making her climax with a gasp of pleasure.

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