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Exploited College Girls – Candi


Released: December 12, 2019

Hi! I’m 20 year old Candi, your sweet treat for this week. Of course you are dear and as so many of our newbies before Candi has changed her name in the few weeks since her shoot and is now Ashley Manson. But we like Candi and the taste of that better. So Candi is experienced, yet inexperienced, we find out during today’s interrogation, I mean interview. As we probe into Candi we find out she has a head for business; convincing her “BF” that flying off to fuck some random guy on film is “Strictly Business”. Of course it is. I’m sure he’ll feel it’s just business as Jake thrusts his stimulus package up our newbie’s pussy. We also find out she likes rough sex, having her hair pulled and big cock if all of them are attached or come “with the right guy”. Here’s a fun fact: She has fucked around 50 guys but has never had an actual orgasm, and has never masturbated before. Candi your world is about to be changed forever and change for the better because Jake’s about to introduce you to the Hitachi, aka “the orgasm torture device”. Just wait till you see what an awesomely great introduction to masturbation Jake gives her with the Hitachi. You can bet your fucking ass Jake tortures this poor girls clit to multiple orgasms before his cock is out and down her throat. If I didn’t know any better I’d think our newbie Candi was having an exorcism by the way her body convulsed as Jake brought her to ecstasy multiple times. You know her BF has never made her feel this good before and by now Jake senses our little whore is ready to taste his cock and get man handled with some “rough sex” she said she likes with the right guy. Trust me. Jake is the right guy and he makes her deep throat his baby arm all the while he keeps the Hitachi on her clit. It’s a sight to behold. Next she’s ready for some cock. You can tell she is by how engorged and puffy that pretty little fuck hole of hers is and Jake gets right to it. Choking? Yep Jake was the right guy again and he choked our little slut as he pounded her slit raw as she went into more convolutions. Yes the eye rolls and leg twitching are sure giveaways of how well she’s being fucked, and I’d say Jake’s fucking Candi PRETTY DAMN WELL! Just like a little fuck doll, Jake’s giving Candi a ride she’s never had before and for sure her BF won’t want to watch this video. Next it’s doggy and modified reverse cowgirl. You know she’s enjoying this fucking by her pretty little facial expressions as she takes Jake’s cock up her tight hole in all the new fuck positions she’s doing. And how does this little fairy tale encounter end? With a pile driver and facial of course. Trust me, Candi hasn’t been fucked like this since like never, and we hope she finds someone who will fuck her like Jake did.

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