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Sex Art – Caomei Bala


Caomei Bala – Catalan Bday
Released: May 4, 2018

Sexy Caomei Bala treats birthday boy Sylvan to a surprise lap dance in Alis Locanta’s erotic movie “Catalan BDay.” Looking sensational in her skintight white dress and heels, the hot redhead grinds against Sylvan, kissing him passionately. He tugs down her dress to suck on her beautiful breasts and flick his tongue over her stiffening nipples. Lifting Caomei onto the dining table in front of him, Sylvan nuzzles her feet, then spreads her thighs and pulls aside her purple panties to expose her hairy pussy. He laps at her plump lips and thrusts a finger into her wet slit, making her moan with pleasure. Caomei kisses her man to taste herself from his lips, then pushes him back into his chair and unzips his pants. She sucks his swelling dick until it’s rigid, bobbing her head to take it deep. Caomei gets naked and straddles Sylvan, bouncing up and down the length of his cock, her perfect tits jiggling with each stroke. She rides hard, rocking her hips, then spins around into reverse cowgirl, humping his thick cock even more frenziedly. She rubs her clit, shaking wildly as her orgasm overwhelms her. Sylvan bends Caomei over the table and plows into her from behind, slamming into her like an express train, their naked flesh slapping together loudly with each thrust. He sits Caomei on the table again and fucks her face-to-face, before she jerks and sucks him until he spurts his hot load all over her gorgeous breasts. It’s the birthday treat of any guy’s dreams.

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Pajama Party


Cast: Ella Hughes, Clea Gaultier, Katrin Tequila, Caomei Bala, Apolonia, Anya Krey, Jimena Lago

Pajama Parties are always great. Especially if there are cock crazed girls waiting to get fucked by a big black cock! Featuring Clea Gaultier in her first interracial!

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XXX Shades – Caomei Bala


Caomei Bala hot fuck fest in recording studio
Released: March 25, 2018

Stunning babe Caomei Bala gets new gig as dubbing actress for porn movies. She turns on Emilio Ardana with her moaning and sexy voice so they start fucking each other hard. Caomei rides his big cock then blows it hard until she gets her mouth full of cum.

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Viv Thomas – Caomei Bala And Cassie Del Isla


Caomei Bala And Cassie Del Isla – Glisten
Released: December 20, 2017

Cute redhead Caomei Bala and sexy brunette Cassie Del Isla undress, looking flirtatiously into each other’s eyes, as episode one of Alis Locanta’s erotic movie “Oiled” begins. Cassie squeezes Caomei’s curvy ass while they kiss passionately, then pours oil over her big natural breasts and massages them fervidly. Caomei lies back and Cassie eats her hairy pussy skilfully, tongue flickering over her clit. She pours more oil over Caomei’s pussy and thrusts two fingers inside, fucking her into a frenzy, then turns her over to frig her from behind. They move into spoons, Caomei strumming her clit frantically as Cassie finger-bangs her to an intense climax. Now Caomei drizzles oil over Cassie’s feet, working it up her calves, thighs and ass. Cassie moves into doggy and Caomei uses both hands to stroke her slippery shaved pussy. She turns over and the girls rub their oily bodies together, before horny Caomei fingers her hot girlfriend to a powerful orgasm.

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Viv Thomas – Caomei Bala And Ena Sweet


Caomei Bala And Ena Sweet – Beguiled
Released: December 6, 2017

Gorgeous Caomei Bala watches her raven-haired lover Ena Sweet play with her pussy while she sleeps, as episode three of Alis Locanta’s erotic fantasy “Lost In A Dream Reloaded” gets underway. In her dream, Ena sees Caomei in a sexy dress, her wrists cuffed, attempting to pleasure herself. She takes over, fondling and spanking Caomei’s ass, then pulling down her panties and eating her hairy pussy. Caomei moans with arousal as Ena uses her tongue and fingers on her sticky slit, driving her to an orgasm that makes her whole body quiver. She uncuffs and undresses Caomei, who slaps her perfect ass and tugs down her shorts. Caomei buries her face between Ena’s firm cheeks and licks her shaved pussy, spinning her around as she laps at her juicy folds. Ena grinds on Caomei’s tongue as she rides it to her climax. Back to the present, and Ena is still masturbating and squeezing her breasts as her dream makes her orgasm, much to Caomei’s delight.

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Viv Thomas – Caomei Bala And Cassie Del Isla


Caomei Bala And Cassie Del Isla – Wandering
Released: November 22, 2017

Sexy brunette Cassie Del Isla is delighted when she wakes up next to Caomei Bala and finds her frigging her pussy, as episode one of Alis Locanta’s erotic movie “Lost In A Dream: Reloaded” begins. Flipping between black and white and color footage, the camera reveals that Caomei is dreaming about having sex with Cassie. The tattooed babe is on the couch, filming Cassie as she gyrates her slender body sexily while peeling off her clothes. Cassie spreads Caomei’s legs and starts eating her hairy pussy, occasionally looking up at her horny lover, who is still filming her every move. Cassie laps and probes Caomei’s slippery hole, making her cry out with excitement. Overcome with arousal, she tosses the camera aside and Cassie goes head over heels, ass in the air and shaved pussy spread wide for Caomei to eat. Caomei thrusts two wet fingers inside her as she licks her clit, coaxing her towards a powerful orgasm. Caomei spins around into doggy position, thrusting her tight ass and succulent pussy in Cassie’s face. Cassie dives straight in, prizing Caomei’s ass cheeks apart, and clamps her mouth over her girlfriend’s mound, tongue flickering in and out of her wetness. Caomei strums her own clit as Cassie finger fucks her from behind, driving her to a climax. Cassie lies back, squirming as Caomei uses her fingers and tongue to make her orgasm even harder than before. The camera cuts back to Cassie watching Caomei masturbating, still completely “Lost In A Dream.”

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Viv Thomas – Caomei Bala And Daniela Dadivoso


Caomei Bala And Daniela Dadivoso – Immortal
Released: October 18, 2017

Bare breasted beauty Caomei Bala sneaks a kiss with cute Daniela Dadivoso, and gropes her ample breasts while her girlfriend sleeps next to her, as episode four of Alis Locanta’s sizzling Sapphic series “Neverending Love” begins. Caomei leads pink-haired Daniela to the privacy of the bathroom where they kiss passionately, their mutual lust evident. Caomei clamps her mouth over Daniela’s beautiful breasts, nibbling on them and sucking her nipples. They’re soon both naked, and Caomei spit-lubes her fingers and trails them down Daniela’s slender body, rubbing them rapidly up and down the slit of her shaved pussy. Daniela licks around Caomei’s puffy areolae as she fingers her sticky slit, making her moan with pleasure, then sits and spreads her legs wide to let Caomei lick her clit and thrust two fingers deep inside her wet hole. They switch places and Daniela eats and fingers Caomei’s hairy pussy, driving her wild. Both on the brink of orgasm, they stand to frig each other’s dripping pussy hard and fast, their bodies trembling as they scream out in ecstatic delight and collapse into each other’s arms, wave after wave of orgasmic bliss sweeping over them.

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Cum Louder – Caomei Bala


Caomei Bala – Caomei au naturel
Added: July 31, 2017

Let Caomei Bala’s undeniable all-natural sensuality captivate you. She owns the best pair of natural boobs Spanish has produced in a very long time and she’s ready to use them! Are you prepared to enjoy her amazing physique together with Nacho Vidal? Let’s get started!

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