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Girls Way – Abigail Mac And Cassidy Klein


Abigail Mac And Cassidy Klein Lesbian Census
Released: October 12, 2017

Census worker Abigail Mac is going door-to-door collecting household data. When she gets to the home of Cassidy Klein, Abigail is happy to see a female face. She begins to ask the questions on her census questionnaire, and Cassidy answers obligingly. When she gets to asking if she is heterosexual or homosexual, and Cassidy won’t give her a straight answer, Abigail comes out and says what she’s thinking; Cassidy is afraid of offending her. Cassidy doesn’t want that on her record. If Abigail agrees to remove the comment, she will prove that she isn’t homophobic. Cassidy grabs Abigail and kisses her, then she brings Abigail inside.

Back in the house on Cassidy’s bed, the girls resume their passionate embrace. Turns out, Abigail just didn’t ask the right questions. Cassidy has been lesbian all along. She can’t wait to suck on Abigail’s huge natural tits, nor can she wait to pull off her pants and start messing with the wetness between her knees.

Abigail is just as excited to touch Cassidy’s sweet little slit. She tongue fucks her asshole then her pussy. Cassidy finger fucks Abigail then tribs her pussy all over the bed, then girls trib their bouncing bums. After Cassidy devours Abigail’s ass, Abigail rides Cassidy’s tongue. The lesbians wrap it up with a bit of 69, then Abigail makes Cassidy cum with her fingers!

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Fake Driving School – Cassidy Klein


Cassidy Klein – Sexy Learners Secretly Fuck In Car
Released: September 12, 2017

I knew I shouldn’t have gone to the pub with my mates last night, I just knew it! By the time I got the Mean Orange Machine in gear, I was an hour and a half late and two lessons down. JT, my boss, was right angry with me, so I knew it was my last chance or I’d be tits up. My two lessons today were a California girl with a big ass named Cassidy, and Dean, a farm boy covered in tattoos. Both said they knew what they were doing, Dean having driven a tractor and Cassidy, automatic, in the States. Neither of them had a clue, so I had them park to practice maneuvers. That’s when it happened: the car ran out of petrol. While I ran up the road for 30 minutes, it seems Dean and Cassiy got to know each other a little better, and Cassidy gave him one hell of a blowjob! Dean got to find out why California girls are known for having the best pussies, and fuck like complete freaks.

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Real Wife Stories – Cassidy Klein


Cassidy Klein – Hung Out To Dry
Added: August 18, 2017

Danny can’t help but notice beautiful his beautiful neighbor Cassidy hanging her laundry on the line. He also can’t help but notice his wife’s undergarments have somehow made their way over to Cassidy’s laundry line. When he confronts her, Cassidy reveals the truth that she stole the bloomers. Danny decides to give her the old fashioned dicking she’s been waiting for, starting with an good ol’ suck job and culminating in her taking all of Mr.D’s dick deep.

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Hot And Mean – Ashley Adams and Cassidy Klein


Ashley Adams and Cassidy Klein – Ex Sex
Added: August 9, 2017

Ex-lovers Ashley and Cassidy are stuck sharing a house until one of them moves out. Ashley knows Cassidy wants to get back together, and she enjoys teasing her former girlfriend any chance she gets. One day Ashley is feeling generous and allows Cassidy to lick her pussy in the bathroom. But once Ashley is satisfied she skips off to her room, followed by an angry and confused Cassidy. Turns out Ashley is late for a date with a MAN! Cassidy watches in disbelief as her ex gets dressed up for some dude then waves goodbye without a care in the world. Cassidy is fed up, and she’ll be waiting when Ashley gets home…

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Fake Taxi – Cassidy Klein


Cassidy Klein – Horny Flexible American Sweetheart
Added: July 30, 2017

Cassidy wanted to go to London, to see the Queen! She was visiting from California, so I offered her to be part of our London taxi tradition, and flash her tits for a free ride. The pretty brunette didn’t even hesitate–then she asked me what she would get if she showed me her pussy! Well, that’s the kind of offer I love to get! Cassidy had a little bush, and I just loved it. I told her I’m part of a movement to bring back the bush, and that got her so horny, she started fingering herself with her legs in the air. Well, I couldn’t let that flexible little dancer get away without giving my cock a little love, so we found a place to park, and that hot babe deepthroated my cock like it was no big deal at all. I fucked her to multiple orgasms, the sweetheart. What a fucking treat! I wish they all could be California girls.

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Fucking Awesome – Cassidy Klein


Cassidy Klein – Overdue Rent
Added: July 10, 2017

The rent is overdue and Cassidy Klein knows she has to come up with a plan quick or John Strong, her landlord will kick her to the curb. Cassidy tries to talk her way out of it but John doesn’t want to hear her sob stories this time. Lucky for Cassidy John comes up with a solution to keep a roof over her head and it involves ‘polishing’. It takes a while for Cassidy to ca… read more

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Erotica X – Cassidy Klein


Cassidy Klein – Stage Heat
Added: June 30, 2017

Cassidy is a gorgeous dancer and a joy to watch. You can tell how Involved and active she is leaping and stretching and making a show. She is rehearsing with Jay Smooth and somehow, he isn’t quite getting the moves. How can she make him feel the passion of the dance? By getting passionate with him of course. Right there, right on the floor. Beautiful bodies intertwine, moving together. They make an exciting erotic dance of their own. Dirty dancing to dirtier fucking !

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Sweet Sinner – Cassidy Klein


Cassidy Klein – Doctor Dearest!
Added: June 19, 2017

Tyler Knight revokes his doctor / patient privileges so he can shove his throbbing hard cock into the wet and ready pussy of his patient, Cassidy Klein. She is in a dead end marriage and all she wants is for Tyler to tell her how he really feels about her! Then to shove his dick in her and give her mind blowing sex!

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Swingers Getaway Vol. 2 {Split Scenes}


Cast: Alexa Grace, Cassidy Klein, Kristen Scott, Mia Malkova

Cassidy Klein invites her three best female friends and their significant others over for a weekend of fun, conversation, and sensation. As festivities peak, she has all the girls play a sex new game. She tosses the names of all the men into a bowl, and has each girl pick one at random to seduce before the weekend is over, and things turn into a love fest of beautiful, young hot bodies getting seductively entangled. Starring Cassidy Klein, Alexa Grace, Mia Malkova, and Kristen Scott.

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Teen Fidelity – Cassidy Klein


Cassidy Klein – 1,000 Words
Added: May 16, 2017

Cassidy and Lucas are young, horny and want to show the world how much they love each other. They are the new young pornographers, filming their own porn and sharing it with everyone online. Why watch other people’s movies when you can make your own?

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Dirty Wives Club – Cassidy Klein


Added: May 13, 2017

What’s in a relationshIp? All kinds of fucking other people, if you’re Cassidy Klein. She and her husband have always had an open relationship — threesomes, girlfriends, boyfriends, you name it. So when her husband is out of town, Cassidy has no problem fucking another man and telling her spouse all about it. So she goes straight to her hook-up app and calls over Johnny for a good night’s fuck! Once it’s over, the naughty wife can’t wait to report to her husband how good his dick was!

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