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Sapphic Erotica – Cayenne Hot And Kira Thorn


Cayenne Hot And Kira Thorn – Dual pleasure
Released: October 15, 2019

ON a boring day like that was, it is so nice to have a helping hand when you want to pass the time with some pleasurable activity… Kira Thorn helped Cayenne Hot giving the day some meaning with the licks, kisses, and fingerings just as the other way round.

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Sapphic Erotica – Anastasia Brokelyn And Cayenne Hot


Anastasia Brokelyn And Cayenne Hot – Sapphic delicacy
Released: September 30, 2019

Anastasia Brokelyn serves Cayenne Hot (and vica versa) like they are all delicacies. Which is true! Juicy, fresh little delicacies… yummies! But first of course some food entree is due, but shortly after that, all the licks and tastings are for the bodily parts…

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Nubile Films – Missy Luv And Cayenne Hot


Missy Luv And Cayenne Hot – Picture Of Perfection
Released: September 6, 2019

Cayenne Hot and Missy Luv are having a fun afternoon as they hang out together in the living room taking selfies. Their innocent selfies get hotter as the girls hike their skirts up and pull their dresses down. Giving up the pretense of modesty entirely, they peel their dresses off and exchange one last kiss for the camera before they put the phone away and turn their attention to one another.

Missy gets the first lick to her pussy as Cayenne peels her thong off and lays her down. Working her tongue with long, sure strokes, Cayenne brings Missy’s moans to a fever pitch as she explores the folds of her girlfriend’s bare twat. Missy is content to spread her thighs wide and let Cayenne do all the work to bring her to the pinnacle of pleasure, especially when Cayenne draws back and replaces her magic tongue with her stiff fingers.

Basking in the afterglow of her climax, Missy directs Cayenne to her knees with her head on the couch. That position opens Cayenne up nicely, making it easy for Missy to enjoy every inch of Cayenne’s twat. Her dripping folds are sweet on Missy’s tongue, and easily take a pussy fingering as Missy mirrors the same orgasmic journey that Cayenne has just taken for her.

Flipping onto her back, Cayenne spreads her thighs all the way to let Missy continue to make magic with her fingers. Cupping her palm, Missy makes sure to hit the clit while she finger fucks her girlfriend. As Cayenne rides out the wave of her pleasure, the girls swap spots so that Cayenne can give Missy the exact same treatment she has just enjoyed.

Two climaxes apiece isn’t enough for these insatiable coeds. Missy finds herself on her back with Cayenne laying on top of her. The lesbian 69 is languorous but determined. Neither girl is willing to back off of the other’s fuck hole until they have both found one last orgasm. Finally sated, the girls cuddle side by side on the couch.

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