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Hegre – Charlotta


Charlotta – Interactive Erotic Couple Massage
Released: September 17, 2019

Sex is like great food – it shouldn’t be done fast. Sure, a quickie is great now and then, but for a truly powerful experience, time is of the essence. Add to that list intimacy and patience and trust, and you’ve got the makings of a genuinely awesome sensual sharing.

And that’s what you see here. Two people who know how to come together for a momentous and private massage. Each movement, each stroke, each kiss is done with a sense of admiration and caring for the other.

There is nothing to hide. Both are completely naked, both are ready to surrender to passion. Which is why it’s all the more amazing that you get to be in the room. Cherish it. Honor it. Togetherness like this doesn’t happen

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Hegre – Charlotta And Grace


Charlotta And Grace – Tantric Sexual Healing Massage
Released: February 13, 2018

There’s so much more to sex than the simple act. Too often we get hung up on the basic urge for orgasm and forget the diversity of factors that make it such a spiritual and healing event.
This video is a case in point. In a beautiful setting, taking their time, and dedicating every move to pleasures that heal, our two models explore the wider world of sensuality. With tantric massage as their guide, they go through the body to the realm of spirit.

And in that realm they discover a bliss beyond. Beyond urge, beyond the body, even beyond sex. As the soothing hands of the masseuse rub warm oils into her patient’s buttocks and vulva, the energy rises in the room, and a mystic passion emerges.

If you want to see tantric massage done right – in a way that is both sexual and spiritual – this video is your ticket home. Have a great journey.

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