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Female Fake Taxi – Cherri, Jamie Ray


Cherri, Jamie Ray – Double dildo hot strap on action
Released: August 31, 2017

Jamie flagged down my cab looking to get to the nearest train station. She looked sexy as hell in her little black outfit, and just having her in the car was making me wet. She was on her way to work, so I made some small talk to pass the time. I was a little surprised when Jamie told me she worked in a sex club! I’ve always wanted to do sex work, so I asked if she thought I had what it takes. She rang her boss who said she should give me a “trial,” so to speak! Well, I was already horny, so I pulled the cab over and tasted her pussy. She had a bag full of toys, so after I sucked her big tits and spanked her ass, I fucked her doggystyle with a thick strap on. One orgasm wasn’t enough to prove my mettle, so when she took out the double ended dildo and two vibrators I knew exactly what I wanted to do for work from that day on.

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Fake Taxi – Cherri


Cherri – Her pussy is her purse
Added: August 13, 2017

The rain had just fallen pretty heavily, so when Cherry flagged me down I knew she wanted a good ride. Cherry was telling me she was headed to the pub to meet with some girlfriends when she realized she had forgotten her purse. Now excuse my skepticism, but I’ve heard that line plenty of times before. This hot redhead tells me she keeps a fiver on her for emergencies, and pulls the bill out of her pussy! I was in shock! I’ve been around the block to be sure, but that was a new one. Five pounds only got her halfway to her destination, so she offered me a blowjob for the other half of the fare. With those big lips and great tits, I wasn’t about to say no. I’ll pick her up again next week, except this time the free ride will be for her arse!

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