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Porn Mega Load – Claudia Kealoha


Claudia Kealoha Office Bust-Out
Released: August 13, 2019

Claudia KeAloha’s a demanding and bossy office manager, running a tight ship and driving her staff like a cruel bitch. She didn’t earn her own office by being a sweet, understanding lady.

In “Office Bust-Out,” Ms. KeAloha is upset because she has a big project due and her data team was given an early lunch pass by their supervisor. So he takes the hit. Claudia leaves her office to go to data entry and open up a can of ass-whupping on Mr. JMac, the team leader. She also chews him out for dressing at work like a slob and for making her look bad to her bosses.

As soon as she leaves his desk, Mr. JMac makes the mistake of opening his mouth within her earshot and telling his co-worker on the phone that “She’s a bitch, but nice tits. I’d love to blow a load on her.” She returns, and let us tell you that hell hath no fury like an angry Claudia.

Claudia demands his presence in her office where she dresses him down even more. But, since this is a fantasy where all dreams come true,…

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