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Mormon Girlz – Alison, Dolly, Zoe


Alison, Dolly, Zoe – Family Breeding
Added: May 27, 2017

Petite teen Zoe has been through a lot since she gave in to temptation and let her boyfriend have sex with her.

She felt guilty almost immediately after she sinned that first time, and thought about confessing what she had done to President Oaks. But she didn’t tell him what she had done, and even worse she had sex again with Brother Steele, not once but many times.

When Brother Rey caught the two in the act, he had blackmailed little Zoe into letting him fuck her pussy and cum on her ass while her boyfriend was forced to watch. And then he had told on her anyway, and President Oaks made her endure the priesthood stretcher and let Brother Rey have sex with her again as punishment.

It’s only natural that the teen should feel resentful of Brother Rey. And yet, every time she’s near the tall, powerful man, the scent of him makes her wet. She remembers how his big hands felt on her little body, and how his huge cock made her pussy spasm with pleasure.

So when she’s forced to let the man who betrayed her breed her raw yet again with the man who betrayed, while her boyfriend watches, and her friends Alison and Dolly grope her naked body, her feelings are conflicted.

Brother Rey is even rougher with her now than he has been in the past. He fucks her so hard she almost falls to the floor, and he wraps his hands around her throat and squeezes until she feels lightheaded.

And the fact that her giggling friends are watch her get molested, and are touching her, and are having sex with each other too, and the knowledge that her boyfriend is sitting there in agony, forced to watch but forbidden to participate, it all makes Zoe’s pussy wet, and she wonders how many times she’ll orgasm before Brother Rey rewards her with his cum.

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Mormon Girlz – Dolly


Dolly – Family Breeding
Added: April 27, 2017

“I may be married to Brother Steele, but it’s his dad that I want.

I should have known I’d fall in love with President Oaks when he took my virginity in his office – even though I hated it at the time. When I climbed down from his desk, my pussy sore and my mouth full of his cum, I’d never hated anyone so much in my life.

And the sickest part was that he let his son watch the whole thing, and then told me that I had to marry him.

I was so grossed out that I tried to run away after my new husband used me in the temple bed. But President Oaks found me, and I had never even imagined the things he made me do then in the dark temple basement.

But as I’ve been molested by one priesthood leader after another, my feelings have changed.

I was a virgin when I came to the temple, but I must secretly have been a nasty little slut somewhere deep inside. Because whatever outrageous and degrading acts they make me perform, I love them. The filthier, the better.

I love getting fucked with a big cock. I love it when a girl grinds her pussy on my face. I love being called names, being slapped, being spat on. I love having my body used by several men or women at once.

And the more submissive I am, the more eager to get fucked, the more approval I get from my leaders.

I’ve been called in for a family breeding, and I’m going to show President Oaks just how good I can be.

Now that President Oaks has taught me about plural marriage, I see how happy it will make me. Especially time I get with him.

His son may be my husband, but I’ll always be daddy’s little girl.”

– Sister Dolly Leigh

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