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Nubile Films – Mary Kalisy And Dominica


Mary Kalisy And Dominica A Womans Touch
Released: October 5, 2018

Dominica does in-home massages, and the moment she lays eyes on her customer Mary Kalisy she knows she as to have her. The girls touch hands a moment longer than necessary as they introduce themselves, and are more than blatant in checking each other out. When Mary strips down Dominica doesn’t even bother with a modesty towel before getting to work.

Using oil to make sure Mary’s skin is nice and wet, Dominica works on Mary’s bottom and then her breasts. When she slips her hands between Mary’s thighs to start rubbing oil into Mary’s twat, the pleasure is unmistakable. Mary’s soft moans are all the permission Dominica needs to continue exploring Mary’s slit, discovering her clit and then sliding her fingers in to perform the deepest massage possible.

Sliding one hand up Mary’s body while the other continues to plumb her most intimate parts, Dominica finds a nipple and goes to work massaging it in the most sensual way possible. After enjoying the sensation for a few moments longer, Mary finally sits up to become an active participant in this mutual lesbian seduction, kissing Dominica and relieving her of most of her clothes.

Dominica isn’t ready to give up her exploration of these sensual new frontiers, so she lays on her belly on the massage table and presses her face to Mary’s muff. Licking with short, quick flicks of her tongue, she fondles Mary’s clit until the blonde has raised her torso off the table in pure ecstasy. When Mary lifts her legs to offer a different angle, Dominica stiffens her tongue and delves deep to give her new love all the oral penetration she can offer.

Switching spots so that Mary is now on her own massage table, Dominica rises up over the fair-skinned brunette and eats her up with her eyes. Her hands stroke reverently over Dominica’s soft skin as she enjoys a preview of the pleasure to come. Gradually settling low on Dominica’s body in a position that lets her both finger and lick the sweetness of Dominica’s pussy.

The girls are both primed and ready for sexual delight when they rearrange themselves so they have wound their legs around each other’s torsos. Pressed twat to twat, they undulate their hips in time to create a friction that is nothing short of orgasmic. Scissoring together has just the result they both desired as sheer bliss rolls through each of their bodies.

Sitting up to indulge in a deep kiss, Mary turns around onto her hands and knees to let Dominica once again have her wicked way with her. This new position gives Mary a whole new angle of access that opens a brand new world of sensual delight. Her hands and mouth work overtime as she brings her tanned lover to another body-shaking climax through slow but steady loving.

The girls switch spots once again so that now Dominica finds herself with Mary behind her and in absolute charge. Mary isn’t shy about giving pleasure; she’s voracious in her ministrations as she licks and nibbles Dominica’s meaty snatch into orgasmic submission. Moaning long and loud as she loses control, Dominica lets her hips buck and her breath come in long gasps as she gradually comes down. As the girls bask in the afterglow of their incredible lovemaking, Mary reflects that this is definitely the best massage she has ever enjoyed.

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The Life Erotic – Dominica


Dominica – Getting It Done
Released: July 31, 2018

Stunning Dominica – a sexy babe from Belarus, with a slim, athletic figure – is in her bathroom, strapping a wide leather collar around her neck. She’s dressed in black stockings trimmed with red ribbons and bows, and the tiniest red thong and red lace bra, which leave her bold tattoos on display. She has long blonde hair and a pretty face with full, pouting lips. As she poses, admiring herself in the mirror, we see her thong has a split crotch, with three big pearl beads stretched along her slit. Cut to her bedroom, where she has laid a large pillow on the bed and is riding it cowgirl-style, grinding against it so the pearls tease her shaved pussy. She grips the pillow and tugs on her collar, then leans forward, ass in the air, and pulls the thong aside so she can reach between her legs to finger her pussy. She rubs her juice-slick slit and slips a couple digits inside, body moving sensually as she moans with pleasure. She sucks on her fingertips, wetting them as she tastes her own cream, then continues to masturbate. Next, she rolls on her back and, legs in the air, removes her thong. She splays her thighs wide and frigs her pussy even harder, edging herself towards orgasm. All the while, her other hand is gripping her collar. She sits up, switching hands, strumming her slit hard. She pops one beautiful breast out of her bra and fingers her nipple, as her drenched fingers probe deep and hard. Her cries become louder and more frantic as she nears her climax and, finally, she cums, shooting a small but satisfied smile at the camera just before the picture fades…

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Anal, Gonzo, Movies

Rocco One On One #13


Cast: Alina, Dominica, Athina, Charlyse Angel, Ria Rodriguez

Porn legend Rocco Siffredi showcases a fresh batch of sweet, young Euro-cuties in the intimate Rocco One On One #13. In five auditions with all-natural girls, the director is a one-man show, using mirrors and POV camerawork to capture a variety of nasty action as the adorable starlets attempt to wrangle his enormous cock. Stylish Portuguese beauty Charlyse gags on Rocco’s meat. She receives a fierce fucking, anal sodomy and a tasty cum facial. Gorgeous, young Russian doll Dominica goes straight to anal, taking Rocco’s giant dick in her rectum until her sphincter is gaping. He fills her mouth with cum. Tanned, petite minx Ria Rodriguez bounces her tight pussy on Rocco’s thick pole and milks a spermy load into her mouth. Athletic babe Athina obediently sucks the older man’s monster cock and takes a ruthless pussy pounding. Pretty blonde teen Alina masturbates with a dildo and gives a slow, sensuous hand job. She sucks dick demurely until Rocco’s erection erupts onto her chest.

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