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Bang YNGR – Eliana Rose And Dylann Vox


Eliana Rose & Dylann Vox Fuck Each Other And Share Two Cocks!
Released: September 21, 2019

Eliana Rose & Dylann Vox invite some girls over to their place and play a wild game of spin the ratchet! They land on pussy lick and she gets her pussy licked up and they take turns eating each other out while getting fucked! This wild group sex is a wild orgy of fucking each other as the girls each get their pussies pounded out!

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Bang Bus – Eliana Rose


Eliana Rose – Low Key Freak Hops on The Bus
Released: September 18, 2019

The bus don’t stop. We stay lurking boy. We have our eyes glued to the streets, searching for some desperate chicks. All we do is drive around the city carrying a stack of cash to flash in front of these money hungry hoes. This week we creeped up on this hottie walking home from a job interview. We talked to her about some bullshit fake sketch show and got her to hop on. inside the bus, she turned easy real quick. Our boy Derrick Ferrari was the one in charged of dicking this girl down, and that’s just what he did. This chick got penetrated in several different positions before receiving a huge load. Finally, we dropped her ass off in some random ass part of town. Good luck getting back home!

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