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The Life Erotic – Elizabeth L And Emma O


Elizabeth L And Emma O – Strapped Love 2
Released: January 12, 2018

Kinky Elizabeth L is wearing a strap-on dildo – the opening shot shows it bent upward by her tan pantyhose, stretching the delicate fabric dangerously taut. Her harness is also visible through the mesh, as she jacks the realistically shaped black-latex mock cock. As a full-length picture of her is revealed, we see she’s dressed in a top made out of similar pantyhose, the sheer fabric of the legs covering her hands and arms like sleeves and gloves but doing almost nothing to conceal her firm, medium-sized breasts. She’s even wearing a third pair over her head and face. Similarly dressed and masked, Emma O lies on the bed and Elizabeth crouches over her, rubbing the dildo against her face and nuzzling her crotch. Emma returns the favor, her hands exploring Elizabeth’s body. Next, the two change position, so Emma is kneeling in front of Elizabeth, pulling her pantyhose down to free the dildo. She jerks it, then raises her hose-mask slightly so she can suck on it. Another move and Emma is on all fours on the bed, with Elizabeth behind her. Elizabeth feeds the dildo into her girlfriend’s pussy, pumping the full length of the shaft in and out. Then they try missionary, with pillows under Emma’s ass and her legs up on Elizabeth’s shoulders for deeper penetration. As she is screwed rhythmically, Emma reaches down to tease her own clit, and the two girls make out through their pantyhose. Elizabeth lies on the bed and Emma squats over her, riding the strap-on reverse cowgirl. The dildo is slick and shiny with her juices. The next switch is to cowgirl and Emma finally cums, grinding and humping on the toy in a frenzy. Unmasking Elizabeth, she grinds on her mouth, drawing out her orgasm before the duo finally share a deep tongue kiss as the picture fades…

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