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In The Crack – E1503: Foxxi Black


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Almost everything here is black and white including Foxxi’s rather nice fitting dress. She’s quite an elegant poser in the dress in both standing and sitting positions. Part of this is just bra and panty posing and she finally strips down to full nude by the end.

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Club Seventeen – Foxxi Black


Foxxi Black – Hot brunette sucking cock outdoors
Released: December 10, 2018

Foxxi Black is hanging around the bus stop when a guy approaches her. Where did she get those paddles? Would she like to play a game? He could care less where she got them or if she’s in the mood to play a game. This is all small talk in hopes of getting into her panties. He knows fucking teens like her is just a numbers game. If he talks to enough of them, eventually he’ll hit the teen pussy jackpot. It doesn’t take him long before he’s face deep in her pussy while enjoying the great outdoors. Now that he’s made her tasty pussy all tingly, she’s got to get his cock is ready for phase two. It’s not possible to back out of all of this now. Wrapping her lips around his cock is only done to make sure that it’s hard so they can move onto phase three. Which is, stretching her incredibly tight teen pussy with a cock so big it can barely fit inside.

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Fitness Rooms – Anne Wild And Foxxi Black


Anne Wild And Foxxi Black – Gym girls fuck when teacher is away
Released: March 12, 2018

Fitness instructor Emily Clark is running a class with beautiful lesbians Foxxi Black and Anne Wild. As Emily puts the ladies through a stretching routine, they can’t keep their eyes off each other. By the time the workout has progressed to bicep curls, Anne has moved much closer to Foxxi so she can suck her tits! Annoyed, Emily leaves the Fitness Rooms, and with a shrug, Foxxi and Anne start to make out. Foxxi pulls down Anne’s shorts and kisses her big booty, then eats her out from behind. Foxxi then sits on Anne’s face so she can cum, then the ladies engage in some vigorous tribbing! They might not have gotten in a full workout, but they definitely worked up a sweat!

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Massage Rooms – Dominika Dark And Foxxi Black


Dominika Dark And Foxxi Black – Young Russian doll’s lesbian sex
Released: December 28, 2017

Young Russian doll Dominika Dark sits on the table in the massage room waiting in anticipation for Foxxi Black’s soft fingers. Foxxi takes off Dominika’s towel, and the latter makes sure to shake her nice ass a little as she lies down on the table. Running her fingers down her client’s back and neck, Foxxi’s pussy gets wet because of Dominika’s soft skin. Turning Dominika over, Foxxi pours oil onto the young Russian doll, then massages her perky tits. The ladies sit up and make out, then finger fuck each other and eat pussy the way only sexy lesbians can!

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Massage Rooms – Foxxi Black And Kristy Black


Foxxi Black And Kristy Black – Orgasmic fucking for hot lesbians
Released: December 9, 2017

Kristy Black has booked a session with Foxxi Black, and lies on the massage table. Foxxi pours oil down Kristy’s back and starts to rub her client’s shoulders with her palms. Kristy feels the tension leave her muscles, and comfortably turns over so Foxxi can massage the rest of her body. Kristy’s beautiful natural tits turn Foxxi on, so she takes her top off and rubs Kristy’s nipples with her own. The lesbians make out a bit on the table before stripping completely naked. Kristy fingers Foxxi’s tight pussy, loving the taste of her sweet juices. Returning the favor, Foxxi eats Kristy’s ass and pussy, then makes her cum!

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Lesbea – Foxxi Black And Sybil Kailena


Released: October 24, 2017

Sybil Kailena and Foxxi Black have been flirting for months, and have finally found themselves in bed together. Both women have worn their very best lingerie for the occasion, with Foxxi is luxurious white, and Sybil contrasts her in black negligee. Making out on the bed, it isn’t long before Sybil strips the bra from Foxxi’s natural tits and starts to lick her nipples. Kissing a trail from her tits to her pussy, Sybil’s head disappears between Foxxi’s thighs as the brunette babe’s eyes roll back in pleasure. After an intense orgasm, Foxxi motions to Sybil to sit on her face, licking up at her pussy with delight. After both girls eat each other out doggystyle, they take turns bringing each other to climax with some vigorous finger-fucking!

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Lesbea – Foxxi Black, Naomi Bennet


Foxxi Black, Naomi Bennet – Best friends eating pussy in public
Released: October 15, 2017

Lesbian best friends Foxxi Black and Naomi Bennet are casually strolling along a forest path, looking for the perfect place to drop their blanket and bathe under the warm rays of the summer sun. Nobody can be around for the activity they have in mind, for prying eyes might interrupt their pleasure. Picking a reed, Naomi starts to tickle Foxxi, unbuttoning and teasing her perky tits. Confident they’re alone, Naomi pulls her shirt up too, revealing her pretty pink nipples. Once the girls have found an especially secluded location for their blanket, Naomi reveals a fun surprise: she hid a video camera in the blanket! Foxxi strips as Naomi films, bending over and shaking her big booty for the camera. Foxxi starts to eat her girlfriend’s shaved pussy, feeling her pulsate with orgasm on her tongue. Naomi returns the favor, fingering Foxxi’s tight pussy until the pair lay back quivering to enjoy the endorphins of sun and sex!

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Girlfriends xxx – Chrissy Fox, Foxxi Black


Chrissy Fox, Foxxi Black – Slow Sensual Lesbian Pussy Licking
Added: August 5, 2017

Chrissy’s got a new video camera, and she wants to get some action shots of her and her sexy raven-haired lover Foxxi Black engaging in some fun lesbian play. Foxxi is totally on board with taking some shots of Chrissy’s delicious fuck-me face, her perky ass, and perfect little tits. And Foxxi knows how to put on a good show for her babe as well, pulling out her big tits for a tease before Chrissy undresses her to lick her pussy, starting off a sultry girl-on-girl lovemaking session that’s all captured on film for later.

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Lesbea – Angel Rush, Foxxi Black


Angel Rush, Foxxi Black – Glamorous Euro Lesbians in Lingerie
Added: June 25, 2017

For Foxxi Black and Angel Rush, a day off work is a day in bed. Wandering around the house in their sexiest black lingerie, the smitten lovers take their time between lovemaking sessions to gaze out over the city and enjoy the quiet. But just a tug on a silk robe sleeve lets one of them know that it’s time for more loving, and when Angel finds Foxxi sitting on the balcony, she does just that to let her paramour know that she’s ready for round five. Heading back into the house, Foxxi slips Angel’s breasts from her shirt and uses her hand to rub the pretty brunette’s clit before licking her soft pussy lips. Then it’s Foxxi’s turn to take position on Angel’s face to receive her orgasm, before the lovely lesbians kiss and relax, spent from their tryst.

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