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Gabby Martinez


Teen Creeper – Gabby Martinez


Added: July 17, 2017

Ignored then Punished When her gamer boyfriend ignores her, horny Latina teen Gabby Martinez storms off. Seizing the opportunity, Creeper calls her claiming he can give her the bruutal pussy pounding she needs. She invites him to prove it and soon after he surprises her as she’s drying off from the shower. Brutal rough sex, bondage, sexual humiliation and cuckolding ensues as Creeper first savagely plows the tied-up curvy slut to several screaming orgasms. Then later, he makes her chair-strapped boyfriend watch as he blasts her with a big facial cum-shot

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First Time Auditions – Gabby Martinez


Gabby Martinez – A Fine Feast
Added: April 26, 2017

Gabby Martinez is a stunning beauty. With her perky tits, round ass and piercing sexy eyes, we look forward to seeing this sexy slut making an impact in the biz! Gabby loves being active and dancing, plus she’s amazing at twerking! Gabby loves to give and she really loves sucking cock because she loves making eye contact while she deep-throats a fat dick! Gabby has also experienced fucking girls and if not for Charlamagne’s huge cock, this slut would be licking pussy! Gabby loves fucking girls and she loves to masturbate to the idea of fucking girls and a guy! Gabby loves gobbling cock so fear not! Gabby is a sexual freak who has yet to hit her peak so be sure to look for her in the future because she had a fantastic first audition! See for yourself!

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8th Street Latinas – Gabby Martinez


Gabby Martinez – The Pussy Wall
Added: March 17, 2017

We were just about to hit the mall and see if we could pick up some chicks when we saw Gabby Martinez talking on her phone right across the street. My buddy Charlamagne came up with a hair brained scheme to feign injury and hopefully get her to come over and help. Surprisingly, it worked like a charm. She rushed over to see how she could be of assistance once she heard him wail in pain after supposedly tripping and crashing his knee into the asphalt. Gabby mentioned she had gone to nursing school for quite some time and could definitely help. I figured that was the perfect opportunity to get her into our house and mentioned how it would be best if he sat on the couch while she figured out how to best help him. From there we were able to convince her to show him some TLC and with a body like hers, all I could do was be totally envious from behind the camera.

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