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Reality Junkies – Gianna Gem


Gianna Gem – College Dorm Rules
Released: February 21, 2020

Gianna gets busted for contraband in her dorm room by the RA. He is about to write her up, so she thinks quick and makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

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Girls Way – Gianna Gem And Mckenzie Lee


Gianna Gem And Mckenzie Lee – The Recluse
Released: December 19, 2019

Gianna Gem is intrigued by the rumors surrounding a house and a quiet, mysterious woman named McKenzie Lee. Although everyone thinks the woman is a creepy loner, Gianna has a feeling that there’s something else at work here. There has to be more to the woman than everyone thinks, and Gianna is determined to find out the truth!

When Gianna first shows up on the doorsteps, McKenzie is suspicious of her, not wanting Gianna anywhere near her. Gianna quickly sees how the nasty rumors have made McKenzie hide away from the world, and she wants to help set things right. Although McKenzie tries to turn Gianna away, she’s persistent, so McKenzie soon allows her inside.

While McKenzie is shy at first, she lets her guard down when she sees how sweet Gianna is. Gianna learns that McKenzie’s husband passed away and that she’s been trying to move old boxes of things so that she can move on with her life, but it’s been hard. She’s still not used to being alone. Since she feels for McKenzie and wants to get closer, Gianna offers to help move the boxes, which Gianna warily accepts.

As Gianna helps with clearing the boxes, she becomes captivated by McKenzie as the mature woman shares wistful stories from her past. Now Gianna sees a side of McKenzie that no one else does, which stirs up all kinds of new feelings…

Although McKenzie’s initially hesitant, she can no longer deny herself of pleasure she’s long missed. Gianna is more than happy to help her make up for lost time as they get lost in each other’s pussies. It looks like a new chapter in McKenzie’s life, and Gianna’s happy to be along for the ride!

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Erotica X – Gianna Gem


Gianna Gem – The Enforcer
Released: December 4, 2019

A hot stripper-cop Gianna Gem reads Seth Gamble’s rights when she ‘arrests’ him for crimes of passion, including the right to please her whenever and wherever she wants.

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Love Her Feet – Gianna Gem


Gianna Gem – Sharing My Feet
Released: September 27, 2019

Lately my boyfriend Benji and I have been enjoying the swingers lifestyle. I’m new to it but always up for anything new and different that’s fun. One day I just happen to mention to my boyfriend that I think his friend Jake is really cute. I would totally fuck him and do some kinky foot sex with him. A few weeks later, when my parents were out of town, I invited my boyfriend over and he showed up with Jake. After a short chat my boyfriend just told Jake bluntly that I want to fuck him. It was so embarrassing. But I liked the feeling of being a little slut who had just been offered up to my man’s friend to have his way with me. My bf also told Jake that I kind of have a foot fetish and like to have my feet played with. It gives me the biggest orgasms. Jake didn’t hesitate at all and started to caress my soft barefeet. It wasn’t long before my red pedicures toes were deep inside his mouth and he was licking and sucking them just the way I like it. He turned me around and slid his huge cock into my soaking wet slutty pussy while sucking and licking my wrinkled soles and my sexy toes. After fucking me for an hour I came so much I almost fainted. He came all over my pretty toes which was so hot. Cum on feet is definitely the icing on the cake. Boyfriend showed up at the end..I’m pretty sure he was behind the bedroom curtains the whole time…watching and jerking off…

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