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Love Her Feet – Gianna Gem


Gianna Gem – Sharing My Feet
Released: September 27, 2019

Lately my boyfriend Benji and I have been enjoying the swingers lifestyle. I’m new to it but always up for anything new and different that’s fun. One day I just happen to mention to my boyfriend that I think his friend Jake is really cute. I would totally fuck him and do some kinky foot sex with him. A few weeks later, when my parents were out of town, I invited my boyfriend over and he showed up with Jake. After a short chat my boyfriend just told Jake bluntly that I want to fuck him. It was so embarrassing. But I liked the feeling of being a little slut who had just been offered up to my man’s friend to have his way with me. My bf also told Jake that I kind of have a foot fetish and like to have my feet played with. It gives me the biggest orgasms. Jake didn’t hesitate at all and started to caress my soft barefeet. It wasn’t long before my red pedicures toes were deep inside his mouth and he was licking and sucking them just the way I like it. He turned me around and slid his huge cock into my soaking wet slutty pussy while sucking and licking my wrinkled soles and my sexy toes. After fucking me for an hour I came so much I almost fainted. He came all over my pretty toes which was so hot. Cum on feet is definitely the icing on the cake. Boyfriend showed up at the end..I’m pretty sure he was behind the bedroom curtains the whole time…watching and jerking off…

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Bratty Sis – Allie Nicole And Gianna Gem


Allie Nicole And Gianna Gem – Show Us Your Cock
Released: September 6, 2019

Gianna Gem and her friend Allie Nicole are playing truth or dare, but the truth questions keep coming back to Gianna’s stepbrother, Jason. When the opportunity arises for Allie to find out more about Jason’s dick, she takes it. The girls relocate to Jason’s room, where he’s hiding from their game. He’s not interested in Gianna and Allie’s game, but he is interested in proving that he doesn’t have a small dick once Allie starts teasing him.

Falling to Allie’s reverse psychology, Jason whips it out and then watches as Allie takes his hardon in hand. Wrapping her mouth around it, she samples the goods before coaxing Gianna into trying her stepbrother’s fuck stick. Encouraged by how good it tastes, the girls peel off their clothes and Allie takes the first ride on Jason’s woody. When Gianna sees how much fun her friend is having, she goes for a reverse cowgirl ride of her own.

Another double BJ keeps Jason’s motor running as the girls change things up. Gianna finds herself on her back with Jason buried between her thighs and Allie riding her face. Then the girls switch spots, with Allie taking her turn in the middle. Rolling onto her knees, Gianna leads the way for a doggy style pussy pounding before Allie takes her turn. While Allie is getting fucked, Gianna slides beneath her friend so Jason can enjoy a double pussy stack. They finish up with the girls in a 69 where Gianna is on top and Allie waits with an open mouth and a big smile as Jason pulls out and gives her the facial she craves. Gianna comes in for a kiss so they can snowball Jason’s cum and both enjoy the salty finish.

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Step Siblings – Savannah Sixx And Gianna Gem


Savannah Sixx And Gianna Gem – Getting Groovy Down South
Released: July 31, 2019

Stepsisters Gianna Gem and Savannah Sixx are on the road trip of their lifetimes as they head to a country music festival. They love getting groovy down south! But when their car breaks down, they are not sure if they will make it all the way to the festival after all. Lucky for them, a southern gentleman comes along to give them a ride. They make a stop at his house on the way and seduce the guy with no problem. The gorgeous stepsisters get down on their knees to share his hickory smoked sausage. Then, they let him stroke inside their teen fluff muffins as they drench his rod in pussy juice. That southern hospitality really paid off this time!

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Jesse Loads Monster Facials – Gianna Gem


Released: August 22, 2019

Gianna is a Latina hottie with a sweet smile and a perfect firm body. She also has a secret: She loves to suck cock and get cum all over her face. Her smile alone proves she’s not lying. But when the cock appears and she starts to suck we know we just can’t get enough truth. Not to mention the big facial!

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Mommys Girl – Sovereign Syre And Gianna Gem


Sovereign Syre And Gianna Gem – Mothers Teachers Pet
Released: August 17, 2019

Sovereign Syre, a high school teacher, is in her classroom tidying up. It’s the end of the school day, so there are no students around. Her step-daughter, Gianna Gem, comes by and leans in the doorway with a backpack over her shoulder. ‘Are you ready to go, Mom?’ she asks, looking a little annoyed. ‘I’m almost done, honey!’ Sovereign says, good-naturedly. Gianna huffs, saying that if she takes too long, she’ll just walk. It’s clear she’s moody.

Sovereign catches onto the sour mood immediately. She asks Gianna what’s the matter. Gianna hesitates at first, seemingly contented to be grumpy, but after some coaxing from Sovereign, Gianna trudges into the room and drops her bag on a desk. She whines, why does she have to be stuck with having her step-mom as her high school homeroom teacher? Sovereign is surprised, asking her what that means? Gianna insists that it feels like Sovereign looks for every possible opportunity to embarrass her in class. She’s the laughingstock with her friends and peers.

Sovereign’s constantly treating her all sweetly and praising her work in front of the class. ‘But your work really IS good,’ Sovereign says defensively, so why shouldn’t she use it as an example for the class? And WHY does Sovereign have to always use Gianna’s name in her hypothetical examples, too? It feels like she’s picking on her. Especially now when it’s during the module about… sex education?

Sovereign says that she doesn’t feel like she uses Gianna’s name in examples any more than anyone else in the class. Maybe she’s doing it more so now that they’re talking about sex ed, just because she doesn’t want to make the other students uncomfortable. ‘But it’s okay to make ME uncomfortable?’ Gianna laments.

Sovereign frowns and apologizes, saying she didn’t know she was making Gianna THAT uncomfortable. Sex is such a natural thing, so why is she so embarrassed? ‘We’re family, and that’s just… so private… My friends think it’s totally weird, and make fun of me ALL the time.’

Gianna looks more flustered as she admits that they… make fun of her because they think Sovereign… has the HOTS for Gianna. Sovereign lets out a laugh. Of course there’s no truth to THAT! Gianna looks even more hurt, and Sovereign seems confused, why does it bother Gianna so much? Gianna looks flustered as she tries to resist answering, but soon admits that she… maybe has a bit of a crush on Sovereign.

Sovereign studies her daughter, more intrigued, then touches her shoulder in an affectionate way. She tells her daughter that it’s okay if she has some feelings towards her. She’s 18 now — a grown woman, even if her hormones are still a bit out of whack. Gianna starts to protest, but then quiets down and admits that she doesn’t WANT to have these feelings for Sovereign… It’s just that ever since she turned 18, she’s been drawn to Sovereign in a way she’s never known before. But she was never close to her real mom, so she doesn’t know if this is her totally misreading how they show affection?

Sovereign assures her daughter that it’s normal to be sexually frustrated at her age. Sovereign thinks that them having sex will help resolve the sexual frustration and the feelings about Sovereign. Gianna hesitates, nervous to take the plunge, but when Sovereign sensually caresses her arm and gently kisses her neck, Gianna can no longer resist.

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Stepsister 3-Ways


Cast: Kenna James, Bailey Brooke, Alison Rey, Lana Sharapova , Lyra Law, Daphne Dare , Lucas Frost, Judy Jolie, Gianna Gem , Robby Echo , Van Wylde, Nathan Bronson

These dirty siblings take just about everything a “step” further. They’re hot for each other, but that forbidden fucking isn’t quite enough. They also want to share their horny lust to have the hottest secret threesomes they can! Watch them get their scorching hot fantasies fulfilled with girl-on-girl hardcore action that brings the family flavor to that verboten menage a trois!

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Nuru Massage – Eliza Ibarra And Gianna Gem


Eliza Ibarra And Gianna Gem – Sisterly Rivalry
Released: August 2, 2019

Gianna Gem looks nervous but excited as she enters a massage parlor for a job interview, greeting Mick Blue, the manager of the parlor. A moment later, Gianna’s step-sister Eliza Ibarra walks in and both girls immediately greet each other with confusion. ‘What are you doing here??’ ‘What are YOU doing here??’

Gianna is not pleased when she learns Eliza is there to apply for the same job that she is. Mick apologizes for apparently booking interviews with them both at the same time, then asks who wants to go first. Eliza and Gianna have a brief argument over who gets to go first until Mick suggests that they share interview together. The sisters glare at each other as they follow Mick into the massage room.

Mick thanks them both for showing up, but is frank and lets them know that he can only hire ONE masseuse. Gianna starts to go over her credentials, though Eliza interrupts her, saying that what better way is there to show off their skills than to actually DO a massage? Mick again comments on liking Eliza’s boldness, making Gianna even more insecure. He says he’ll find a client, but Eliza smiles and suggests that they massage HIM. Mick is initially unsure, though he asks Gianna if she’s up for it. Gianna goes along with it, faking a confident smile.

They start to undress, Gianna feels awkward in front of Eliza. Eliza reminds her that they’re both 18, so what is she shy about? Also, they’re going to be seeing naked people all the time as masseuses — she’d better get USED to it if she wants the job.

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