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Girls Way – Aidra Fox And Gina Valentina


Aidra Fox And Gina Valentina – Showcase Aidra Fox
Released: February 7, 2018

Gina Valentina, a cute nerd, is impatiently waiting for Aidra Fox, her study partner, to show up and get schoolwork done. When Aidra, the popular girl, finally arrives, there is tension between them, though they soon hit the books.

It quickly becomes apparent that Gina is doing more of the legwork, though, and she soon releases her frustrations. However, it’s not just the project she complains about but how the two used to be close friends in the past. Well, they WERE until Aidra pushed her away.

Aidra is stunned as Gina continues to tell Aidra that she’s disappointed they’re not really friends anymore. They don’t talk or hang out like they used to. Now they barely even know each other! What did she do to make Aidra cut her out of her life like that?

Distraught, Aidra tries to defend herself, pulling two pictures from her backpack of she and Gina together. Gina is surprised that Aidra still has the pictures, especially since they were from a time that seemed so long ago. Aidra insists she carries them around everywhere, which touches Gina’s heart and starts them down the path of healing. But it won’t be complete until Gina knows exactly why Aidra pushed her away.

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Hard X – Gina Valentina


Gina Valentina – Latin Anal Hottie
Released: February 5, 2018

Gina Valentina hadn’t seen Manuel Ferrara in quite some time and upon greeting, things escalated quickly and we just let the camera roll. This super cute Latina is ready for hardcore gonzo anal sex. Shot in 4K it’s time for her big booty to take on ATM’s and intense anal action!

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Hot And Mean – Bonnie Rotten And Gina Valentina


Bonnie Rotten And Gina Valentina – Scared Un-Straight
Released: February 3, 2018

Gina Valentina’s parents are sick and tired of her bad girl behavior. After years of threatening to kick her out of the house, they’ve finally had enough. In a last-ditch effort to get Gina to change her ways, they hire Bonnie Rotten, a professional mediator, to try and talk some sense into their daughter. When a conversation doesn’t cut it, Bonnie resorts to more hands-on methods in an attempt to scare Gina straight – her trusty strap-on tends to do the trick!

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Tushy – Gina Valentina And Jane Wilde


Gina Valentina – A Very Special Anniversary
Released: January 31, 2018

Gina’s husband is obsessed with anal sex. She loves it and is a big part on why they got married. He’s always getting her new and fun gifts to incorporate into their sex. On their first anniversary, Gina decides to give him something she couldn’t provide… A second gaping asshole.

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Bang Trickery – Gina Valentina


Gina Valentina Gets Tricked Into Fucking Her Boyfriends Nerdy Twin
Released: February 1, 2018

Gina Valentina is dating a hot rebel biker dude that has a nerdy twin bruther. She catches him peering in on her while she’s showering and tells him to get away and never look at her again. His dick gets so hard from seeing her naked, he decides to dress up as his twin sample that nice wet pussy! Gina falls for the trick, and sticks his rock hard cock in her bushy twat and rides it up and down. When he unleashes his cum on her chest, he reveals that it’s actually him who fucked her like the slut she is!

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New Sensations – Gina Valentina


Gina Valentina – Watching Gina Fuck Is Fun
Released: January 19, 2018

Room mate and Latina firecracker Gina is ready to have some fun with her friends friend! James took a few moments to process what was going on and Gina just grabbed his cock and took control, for his best friend to enjoy watching. Gina kept that fine juicy ass in the air taking every inch of meat for a happy cum covered face.

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